Glasses share a special kinship with the cocktail that, is why they play an influential role in the bar. Glassware is a major add-on to your bar that encourages the guests to party hard by enjoying the wines in striking glasses. There are new designs of glasses venturing in the market based on innovations to complement the bar. In recent times, there are so many curated glasses that come in attractive designs to drive the hosts to buy these for their bar.

Bartenders are adapting to a new variety of glassware due to the variety of glasses prevalent in the market. One among the trending glasses in the business is the balloon glasses that, have gained huge attention just, like the tulip beer glass. The unique feature of this glass is its ability to withstand an enormous amount of ice and garnish without the overflowing of the drink. Also, the glass looks chic adding so much class to the drink in magnifying the taste of the drink.

With the popularity of gin, cocktails have enjoyed a comeback too. Two of the most notable glasses that are in huge demand are those with a skull or tiki design. With their superior design, these type of glasses complements the fresh and lively nature of the cocktails, making them all worth it for the guests, to experience a refreshing wine experience.

Most Trending Glassware

The metal-rimmed glasses are expected to make their comeback in the year 2020 in the glassware industry. Both gold and silver coloured metal glasses are predominant, but gun-metal grey would be at its height in grabbing the interest of people. These glasses would look good on rustic and urban themes that were introduced in 2019.


The material of the glass is a critical factor to consider while determining the perfect glassware for your bar. Buyers should carefully examine the operative features of any glass before procuring them in their bar. Properties such as anti-chip guarantee, thermal shock resistance, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe must be considered as these will largely guarantee the longevity of the glassware. 

Thickness of Glass

In addition to the material, the thickness of the glass also plays a equal before buying, as very thick glasses are prone to breakage due to the accidental dropping by intoxicated clients. In contrary, if you choose a very sleek glass it can affect the beverage as there are chances of spilling due to the brittleness of the glass.

Crystal glasses are the finest in the recent trend because they are firm when compared to plain glass and, the surface is also thicker allowing the wines to give a strong aroma. If you are looking for dishwasher-safe stemware, then the glass is an ideal choice.


Style is also a crucial factor as hosts need to update their barware collection according to modern trends. Since each type of glass is specifically designed to serve a drink having these in your bar is imperative to satisfy the expectations of the customers considering, the success of the business.

It is suggested to get glassware that would accommodate all drinks to make the bar a better place for the guests. 

Best Glassware to Choose

The most favoured ones are red and white wine glasses and champagne glasses. Red wine glasses come in large designs to better the taste of the drink. The wine is spread evenly for the large bowl for the drinker to relish it thoroughly. White wine glasses are served in smaller bowls as they render the ideal taste in these. The scent of the wine is maintained by offering a higher level of acidity more prominently.

For serving champagne, consider using a champagne glass over a flute or coupe. The more open rim along with the wider bowl allows the aroma of the drink to disperse in a unique way that provides an added taste to the drink. Champagne glasses require more maintenance as they are prone to dust easily. At the center of the bowl, is a gleaming point which, is a small scratched area designed for creating a foam show. These bubbles provide an exhilarating wine experience to the guests.

Glassware for Gin

Copa de Balloon glasses are the best-suited ones to serve gin. This glass is perfect to serve hard spirits as the round shape helps in maintaining the aroma of the drink present within the glass. The glass can hold more gin and, keeps it cooler for a longer run.

Ways to Preserve the Glassware

Bartenders apart from buying the glassware must also focus on managing them right to avoid any harm to the glasses. Follow the below safety measures in shielding the glasses in the right way.

  • Handwashing is Important: Glasses are fragile items and, the most efficient way of maintaining them is to wash them in hand to avoid any wreckage. Do this as a safety measure to increase the lifespan of the glasses. Without these glasses, your home bar will be incomplete as they save time, cash, and human efforts.
  • Check the water Hardness: Hard water is a menace to glass as it can cause a scratch in the surface of the glass during the washing process. Ensure to use water softeners to make the water a fitting one for the glassware. This will help in sustaining the quality of glassware in the long run.
  • Store rim down: Rims are sensitive parts of the glasses that is why the rim is advised to be stored down.

The glass manufacturers present glasses of high-quality with excellent chip resistance and cracks sustainability that makes people trust in these glasses to a great extent. As these glasses, serve the purpose well with great resistance the, bar owners can enjoy the benefit of owning the same glassware for 5 years if taken care properly.


Glassware is a huge treasure for bartenders in rendering a blissful drinking experience to the guests. There is much reliable glassware created in new styles to match the trend and, the modern bar needs in today’s wine addicted world. 

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