Your bedroom must be the most important space for you. The bedroom is where you let your guards down and just be. It is the room where one feels free and meets his true self. A person may wander all over the world, but no place can match the level of comfort you feel in your bedroom and particularly on your bed. When everything around seems confusing and loud, your bedroom is where you find peace and a time alone with yourself. A bedroom is more than just a room. The room must be maintained and protected with love and correct décor. ellementry knows how to do that with its décor products. All the products will light up your room with sophistication and a feeling of luxury. 

Work eat & repeat table

Your highly active lifestyle encourages you to be on your toes all the time. But, for proper functioning, you need at least 8 hours of sleep every day. Not to forget, people have started working from their homes. Don’t you think your bedroom plays a much bigger role in your productivity today?

Of course, it does. It is the reason why keeping it well decorated is crucial. When the room looks good, you feel happy and light-headed. 

Here are the 5 ways to give your bedroom a makeover:

De-clutter – There is always a chair that has a pile of clothes on it. You may even have your dressing table all messed up. Why don’t we begin from here? 

doyen side table

Go minimalist for your room storage. It may be hard, but when done right, it will make your room look more spacious and fresh. When everything is organized and in place, positive energy attracts and keep you in a good mood. 

restive face ceramic sculpture

Lighting- The right lighting in the bedroom creates a relaxing atmosphere. Rightly installed lights can elevate the look of the space, will brighten up your activities and help you relax and stay productive all day long. Using ceiling fixtures like pendant lights can be best. For minimum light in a corner, use a table lamp. 

Wall hanging- A well-decorated wall gives a perfect finish to the room. You can experiment here. One can either hang special photographs or use beautiful paintings. Unleash your hidden creative talent and paint the wall with your feelings. If you are going for something simple yet unique, wall art would be a safer choice. 

Furniture- Of course, your room needs furniture. It depends on you if you want to keep it minimum or wish to use heavy furniture. One can use something as simple as a bench and a table. You can also bring the entire sofa set to the room. 

Shelves- Shelves and cabinets just look amazing in a room if strategically placed. These help you de-clutter the place in the simplest way possible. You can find many vintage-looking cabinets and shelves to add aesthetics to your room.

Wall hooks & shelf

Have a look at some of the décor items by Ellementry for your bedroom:

Grey metal pendant lamp-flat

Everyone has a favourite corner in the room. Make it cosier and illuminated with this pendant lamp. It will keep your comfort corner in the spotlight. You can sit there and read or just lie down. The lamp will shine on you all day long.

Pebble pot lamp with shade- ecomix

This eco-mix table Lamp with shade is a perfect supplement to natural light. The lamp could be kept anywhere from the bedside to the table. A bed is incomplete without a side cabinet and a lamp on its top. 

Twine wooden bench blue

wooden bench
Twine wooden bench (blue)

Do you have a balcony in your room? Yes. We have got the perfect furniture for you. This twine-wooden bench will give your cosy point an instant upgrade. Don’t be sad if you do not have a balcony as this furniture is suitable for all types of rooms. Keep it at the foot of your bed. It will work as an extra sitting space in the room. You can also put it near the window to enjoy the view outside with comfort.

Rustic silver metal wall art-large

Let your bedroom wall be your canvas. Decorate with rustic silver unique wall art. It is its different shape and design that gives it a distinguished look. This rustic metal wall art is as classy as it is beautiful.

Brighten up your favourite room with Ellementry. Explore more products on 

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