If you love cooking then you must know how crucial kitchen tools are for cooking? Not a single chef in the house or at a restaurant can cook with no tools. Tools are like your helping hand, making the process easy and quick. Believe it or not, your dishes taste and look. In an Indian kitchen, you will find several culinary artilleries. But, there are 5-wooden pieces that a homemaker uses every single day. 

chopping board with marble stand
Twiggy chopping board set of 2 with marble stand

Few things are important in the kitchen, no matter what cuisine you are cooking. It is like they help you in making the dish better and more presentable. Of course, the process becomes quicker and enables you to complete the whole cooking smoothly. When you have the right tools, the minimum mess is created and your workstation remains organised and clean. In short, your wooden cooking tools keep you organised and right on time while cooking.

ellementry, a complete homeware brand, will tell you about them. If impressed, you can get one for your kitchen from ellementry.com. 

Here are the 5 wooden pieces from ellementry for cooking up a delicious meal.

Chopping board

A wooden chopping board is a go-to tool for beginning the cooking. It is the most basic and essential part of the kitchen without which a messy workstation is guaranteed. The durable wooden board gives you a suitable base for cutting and chopping vegetables and fruits. The whole act of dicing becomes simpler because of it.

Sous chef multi-utility platter

Sue chef multi-utility platter

Keep all the necessary ingredients ready and close to you while cooking using this sous chef multi-utility platter. It comes with seven sections to keep every item separated. The platter has space available for chopping veggies. Do not fret if you are a beginner. This sous chef multi-utility platter will help you work in the kitchen like a pro. The product is what smart people will have. It will save you a lot of time and keep you organised.

Chakla belan

These two are like the life of an Indian kitchen. We, Indians, cannot do without a chakla and belan. Several electrical appliances are present to make round chapatis, but the taste and authenticity one gets from chakla belan is unmatched. 

In teak wooden chakla belan with stand-large

Traditionally, Indian kitchens did not have a slap. Women in the house used to sit on the floor and cook. Chakla was used to roll the dough while belan flattened it to round rotis. These days kitchens have modern counters. But the habit of using rolling pin and board is not changed. ‘In Teak’ Wooden Chakla Belan is ideal for perfectly round chapatis. The product is an ode to the traditional chakla belan.

Upper Crust wooden roti box

Upper Crust Wooden Roti Bowl

Now that you have made your daily round bread keep them warm and soft in this roti box. Crafted from mango wood, it is the perfect example of form and function.

Spice box

It is a designated place to keep all the spices together and safe. Spices are the magic that gives Indian cuisine its authenticity. To keep them fresh, keep them moisture-free in a spice box.

Manjari Masala Box

manjari wooden spicebox

Ellementry presents you with the beautiful wooden masala daani. Now put all your daily-use masalas safe in it. We assure you that all spices will remain fresh for a long. This framed and hand-carved flower shaped wooden spice box with seven compartments will hold a variety of spices within your reach.

Chop & Crush cutting board with pestle

You all must have seen a plain wooden board at homes and even in markets. It is because there is hardly any innovation in this area. The only thing you will find different in them is an attached knife. Ellementry gives you an upgrade in the form of a chop and crush board. It is a multi-purpose board. You can chop your veggies and crush the spices and ingredients like ginger and garlic by a provided pestle. The act of chopping and crushing are indispensable and an essential part of cooking. Chop & Crush Cutting Board with Mortar will help you chop your herbs or peel the garlic and then make them into a paste with this handy mortar provided in marble. A must-have for your kitchen.

Buy all these essential wooden tools from Ellementry.com today. 


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