Serving bowls are something no modern mom wants to be without. These are artsy and ideal for those home chefs, who love getting frisky with their cooking. Therefore, if you’re looking for some artful serving bowls for your dinner table, we can help you out. 

Today, we are going to discuss 8-Instagram worthy serving bowls that modern women can’t stop cooing over. 

So, without wasting time, let us get started! 

  • Carbon Ceramic Plate Bowl 

The ceramic plate bowl is quaint, delicate and so beautiful. It features hand-marbled textures, which are ideal for any contemporary home. With its delicate beauty, yet strong structure these bowls are ideal for serving your favourite meals. 

So, if you are a lover of pasta and risotto, you can serve these items in this ceramic bowl. What’s more? The carbon-ceramic plate bowl is ideal for contemporary kitchens that feature pristine white décor. You can buy these from any reputed online store an arrange these in sequence in your favourite cupboard. 

What’s more? These are microwave and oven friendly too. So, the next time you want to try out a scrumptious rice bowl recipe, you can use these for cooking. Just ensure to give these a thorough wash with mild detergent if you are placing strong saucy food inside these. 

On that note, the dimension of this bowl is around 18.5 cm x 18.5 cm x 4.5 cm and it can support up to 400 ml. You can buy this bowl online for Rs. 700, so it won’t put a dent in your wallet either. 

  • Beige Amber Ceramic Bowl 

Are you a lover of pot meals, pasta and risotto? If you are, then chances are you like your meals to be served to perfection. That means, you love a great presentation, correct? So, simply cooking a fantastic meal won’t make it look good! 

For a meal to really stand out, you should present it in a classy bowl. Thankfully, we have just the right bowl for you. We have a beige amber ceramic bowl that is ideal for the Instagram food lovers. This one flaunts a minimalistic look and is shaped like a flat bowl; ideal for pot recipes you can serve a healthy scoop of spaghetti on it with a mint to garnish. 

Now, once you place this presentation on a good backdrop and click a good image, your Instagram page will undoubtedly get more likes. The best part, you can buy this bowl from any reputed online store in less than Rs 700. 

  • Polka Dot Ceramic Bowl 

If you like funky and vibrant things, then you will love this lemon hued polka dot serving bowl. This one is made of ceramic and features white polka dots across its body. It is cute, simple yet very lively. Therefore, if your kitchen is colourful and tidy, this brightly hued yellow bowl will look fantastic against its backdrop. 

What’s more? The polka dots are hand-painted, so these also work to add a little rustic touch to the bowl. So, depending on your requirements and home décor, you can buy these cute polka-dotted bowls online. The best part is that these bowls are also compatible with microwaves. So, if you want to use these to warm up your dishes, you can do so freely.  

Therefore, as per your requirements, order your ceramic bowl online. The best ones cost less than Rs. 800. 

  • Cherry Finished Matte Brown Serving Bowl  

If your kitchen flaunts rustic old-school wooden décor, then it is best if you invest in a matte finish wooden serving bowl. This one is extremely rustic and has a polished wooden finish, which is very artsy. 

What’s more? If you’re living in the tropical areas, then this rustic bowl is ideal for serving Indian, and tropical platters. You can serve traditional tropical dishes like dal, Kadai chicken, Thai basil rice chicken and so many other dishes that highlight spicy condiments. 

Additionally, you can even serve desserts like Gulab Jamun, Misti doi or fruits inside this unique old-school wooden bowl. To get this, search online and buy from any reputed home design shop. 

  • Porcelain Bowls  

If you are fond of beautiful and delicate kitchenware, then it is best that you consider porcelain bowls for your dinner table. These are pristine, white and elegant to look at. Additionally, porcelain has the right amount of glamour that can make any dish look palatable.  

You can serve a wide variety of dishes in this bowl. From lobsters, vegan dishes, desserts, rice bowl cuisines and so much more. 

Now, pure porcelain bowls are quite costly, but if you can maintain these, they are worth it. The main reason being porcelain is costly and classy. You can get these from any online stores, but you need to be careful while buying. Ensure to pick a store, which is popular. Usually, popular stores do not sell fake items and have good reviews too. 

  • Eggshell Ceramic Nut Bowl  

If you like fancy dinner bowls, then you will love this eggshell ceramic nut bowl. This one features a wide depth and a crème coloured body. You can use this as a fruit bowl, or a soup bowl. What’s more? This one can blend in with any kind of serve ware and is completely microwave friendly. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to buy a cute little breakfast bowl, you can opt for this stylish eggshell ceramic bowl. The best part, this one is very cost-effective too. You can find this online in less than Rs 300. 

  • Tribal Mango Wood Bowl 

Are you fond of classy serve ware that is totally Gordon Ramsey approved? If you are, then chances are, you will love the tribal mango wood bow. A little on the costlier side, but this one is very beautiful and unique to look at. 

It is black in colour and thus, is ideal for a pristine white kitchen. The contrast of black and white creates a beautiful theme, which is extremely pleasing to look at. Additionally, this bowl is quite wide too. This one features a dimension of 28 cm x 28 cm x 5.75 cm and is priced less than Rs. 1500. 

  • Large natural Sheesham Bowl  

If you want an ancient bowl that can serve popcorn, rice meals, salads and more, then ensure to invest in this large natural Sheesham bowl. This one is classy, wooden and features a strong structure, which is very durable. Additionally, if you place salads and click an image of the food in this bowl, the food will look aesthetically appealing too! 

What’s more? It is easily washable and can last you a long time. You can get this once for around Rs. 2090. On that note, now that you’re aware of the 8 classic Insta-worthy bowls for your kitchen, pick your favourite and invest away! So, to buy these, pick reliable websites for best results, you can for example, check out Ellementry! They flaunt the best collection of rice bowls ideal for modern homes! Happy Shopping!

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