2020 is the year of events and with Dubai declaring it as the year of tolerance, you have decided to throw numerous parties for successful events and ventures. The first part is due in April and you feel there should be something happy at the events.

So, yes you have contacted the musicians, booked the venue and even decided there will be a cake-cutting ceremony. Now, if this first party is dedicated to your workers and officials at work, you might want to put extra thought to the cake cutting ceremony.

This cake cutting ceremony will be conducted by your partner CEO, and you do not want anything to go wrong. So, now you might have thought of the type of cake to order but chances are you have no clue on cake cutting.

You might have assumed it was an easy ride, where you pick up a knife and slice into the cake. But the truth is, you need to cut this cake cleanly and without a mess. This is why you should give this blog some consideration.

We recommend you use a cake server set for cutting the cake along with a cake stand. The cake server is a type of utensil, which will make it easy for you to cut a cake of any size. Therefore, thanks to this cake server there will be less chance of mess in your cake cutting ceremony.

Apart from this, your cake server can save your face in any of the given events.

Let’s See How!

  • Work Anniversary

It is your work anniversary and you are thinking of throwing a big event for your colleges. Now, cutting a cake is a sign of celebration, so undoubtedly, you’ve ordered a big cake you can cut for your party.

Now, imagine if you had begun to cut the cake and suddenly a portion of it topples and falls down. The mess and embarrassment is not something you can escape from. Therefore, to avoid such scenarios, it is best that you use a cake server for the party. 

This cake server will prevent you from losing balance, and you can cut the cake effectively.

  • Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are mostly private. Yet, some people like inviting guests and close kin to these events. Now, as it is a trend, most anniversaries involve the ritual of cutting cakes. Regardless, if there are guests present it is crucial that you cut your cake without a mess.

Thankfully, this is where your cake server can help you out. Offering optimal balance and support to cakes, this server helps in cleanly cutting one. On that note, you can check out these cake servers from any reputed home décor sites. For example, Ellementry.

  • Office Foundation Day

Your own foundation turns 25 years old this year, and you want to celebrate your foundation day with glamour and style. Now, if you are an ardent follower of tradition, you will most likely want to cut a cake for your foundation party.

However, with all your employees there you do not want to messily cut a cake. Well, we got your covered. You can try those useful cake servers, which can help you balance and cut the cake with ease. 

  • Birthdays

If there is one thing that people around the globe mostly have in common, is cutting cakes on birthdays. Now, if you have your birthday coming up soon, chances are you have a tiered cake in mind. 

Nevertheless, if that tiered cake is responsible for feeding a lot of mouths then you need to cut the cake carefully and evenly without mistakes. Thankfully, you can do so with an authentic cake sever. You can get this server from any home décor shops online. If you are looking for wooden ones, you can opt for companies like Ellementry.

  • Congratulatory Parties

Your partner just secured a project for the company that will take it to new heights. Undoubtedly, you are pleased and would like to congratulate him with an open mind. This is why you decide to throw him a grand congratulatory party. 

Well, this party will probably include loads of important people, so you need to look after each thing along with the cake cutting part. To make the cake cutting simple, easy and non-messy, it is best that you invest in a cake server and stand. This will aid in support and balance and make your event a successful one!

  • Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are often special for children, their parents and grandparents. Therefore, if you are doing something special for your child who has graduated, you can throw him/her a congratulatory graduation party.

As part of this event, ensure to invest in a good cake with a cake stand. This way, you can get a tiered cake and make the graduation special. However, when there is a tiered cake involved, it is best that you invest in a cake server to cut the cake cleanly and prevent it from toppling over. 

  • Christmas Parties

Christmas is the happiest time of the year and cutting cake on Lord Jesus’s birthday is a common sight in many households. To make your Christmas party eventful and happening, ensure to bake a cake for the occasion.

Now, since it is a home-baked cake chances are you have quite the attachment towards it. So, to cut this one clean and neatly, you need to invest in a wooden cake server. You can find these online from any home decoration websites.

  • New Year Eve

It is the 31st of the year, the onetime people shed of all inhibitions, regrets and losses and begin new. This year, when you’re throwing an NYE party, you might want to welcome the new year with a cake. So, ensure to invest in a good cake with a cake server and start your year with a bash. 

This cake server will help you understand the amount of cake needed to satisfy the entire party. What’s more? You with the cake server, you can practice cutting cake with ease, and this will help you not create a mess and cut your party cake with simplicity.

On that note, now that you are aware of the 8 situations where a cake stand is handy, why don’t you invest in one now! Cake servers are undoubtedly the missing parts to a cake. These help in balance, support and aid in maintaining cake consistency.

Therefore, go find the ideal server for yourself; if you want a good suggestion, you can pick websites like Elementary if you’re looking for inexpensive handcrafted items. Happy Cake Cutting!

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