In these unexpected and uncertain times, there is one thing that people have learnt. It is to be extra careful with health. The situation has encouraged everyone to change their focus on overall well-being, including minor habits. It includes the cookware, tableware and kitchenware one uses at home. Where and in what you cook your meal is equally important to what you have. Glass is one material that is healthy for both nature and you. Utensils made from glass have become an essential part of cooking and dining today. Bring home a collection of beautiful and sustainable glassware from ellementry.

glass water dispenser

Glass tableware is in fashion for a long time now. If you would have noticed that your mother always saves the beautiful and shiny glass crockery for special guests. What do you think is the reason?

Anything of the glass looks beautiful on its own. It shines from a distance and adds a feeling of royalty in décor. Considering the table setting, glassware is the best if you plan to have an elegant setting. Their presence on the table is enough to reflect the exclusivity of the dinner. It is the reason why your mother prefers to save the best for the esteem guests at your home or special occasions.

You must have seen it in the movies. Actors always have fancy glass plates, bowls, and jugs while having a meal. You, in a click, get an idea that family is well to do. That is the magic of using glassware. It straight away gives you a feeling of being distinguished from the ordinary. Take an example from your life. On your birthday cakes, didn’t your mother always keep the cake on a stunning glass plate? Whatever the purpose is, glassware ensures it performs par expectations.

And there are other reasons to love the material too:

  • The material is safe to use. It retains the flavour and keeps the ingredient’s nutrients intact. 
  • It is multi-purpose material. A person can use glassware for cooking, baking, heating and freezing.
  • It is 1 per cent recyclable.
  • Glass is appealing and aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is resistant to high temperature and can go straight from freezer to microwave.
  • Keeps your food safe and ever-ready for consumption.
  • The airtight glass containers prevent food items from becoming soggy. It keeps them out of contact with moisture and air.

Do you want to have a look at some glassware by ellementry? They are gorgeous and would take your tableware collection multiple levels above. Have a look:

Glass cloche with marble base square

glass cloche
glass cloche with marble base square

If you are a baker, then this square glass cloche is for you. Keep your creative cake in this glass cloche proudly. Let the world know your love for baking. Additionally, this cloche will keep your home baked cake safe from dust, dirt and other external items. It will remain fresh and will invite people from distance. The shiny glass will make the colours of the cake shine more brightly through it.

Quoise glass set of two-round

quoise glass tumbler set of 2 (round)

Begin your day with a wholesome breakfast accompanied by freshly squeezed juice. Enjoy your morning beverage a little more in this quoise glass set. Mouth-blown artistic glasses are the true expression of indulgence and refinement. The fact that they are handmade gives their design a humanizing touch. Apart from having juice, the glass is perfect for shots and mocktails.

Fryst glass carafe with wooden lid

glass carafe
fryst glass carafe with wooden lid

Water is important for your body. Make sure you take it in the proper amount. The dewy glass jug will help you complete your minimum water consumption goal. Fill it in and keep it on the table. Add mint, lemon and cucumber, and you will have your detox drink for the day. The jug looks so beautiful that every time you will look at it, you will want to drink from it. Its glass body shows which beverage is being served, and its wooden lid will not let the water spill.

Clear glass jar with metal cladding lid small

clear glass jar with metal cladding lid

Keep your food items fresh for a long by storing them in the clear glass jar from ellementry. Thoughtfully shaped, this fancy glass jar sits well in your cabinet. Use this glass storage container to organize and systematically store your everyday essentials like tea, coffee or sugar.

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