The festive season has arrived. It is time to plan dinner parties, invite friends or neighbours over for a cup of coffee or drink and cook some delicious meals. Even if you keep a low profile, people will be visiting you to share the joy of festivities, indulge in loving and caring conversations and exchange gifts or sweets. Many people in your group will invite you to their humble abode to mark the celebrations. Festival times means coming together and celebrating the big and small joys of life as a community. However, selecting a perfect gift can be a daunting task for many during such times. Luckily, Ellementry has an exciting product that you can gift someone, irrespective of the occasion. A handcrafted cheese board is an ideal and highly functional gift that also meets the aesthetic needs of an individual. 

cheese board

When used for personal needs, it can add a sophisticated, rustic, restaurant-style touch to your dinner party. As far as gifting is concerned, a cheese board platter can be presented on any occasion. It acts as a fantastic centrepiece that can impress your guests. Mango wood and teak are two great raw material choices over other types of cheese boards. It is because these wood types can be easily maintained, are eco-friendly and sustainable. So, whether you choose it for yourself or as a present for someone, you are giving them a highly classy gift that they will cherish for years to come. 

Midnight Mango Wood Cheeseboard (Round)

round cheese board
midnight mango wood cheeseboard (round)

Whether you are planning to serve cheese, crackers, peanuts or any other snack, midnight mango wood cheese board (round) adds a special touch to your evening and conveys a warm welcome to your guests. Use once, and from then on, you will look for every excuse to use this cheese board again. Invite your friends on weekends to share fun stories with a glass of wine or over a steaming hot cup of coffee. Place the cheese board in the centre filled with delicious snacks and nibbles and see how the time flies. 

Midnight Mango Wood Cheeseboard (Oval)

midnight mango wood cheese board (oval)

If you are more interested in unconventional kitchenware, then give midnight mango wood cheese board (oval) a try. Its distinctive shape is eye-catchy and gives you enough room to place as many delicious delights on it as you want. This perfect hors d’oeuvres serving tray can be easily hanged on the wall after use. Your kitchen wall will benefit from this backdrop and make the area look more calming and serene, giving you the ideal working environment that must be there in every kitchen. 

Mango Cheese/Bread Board Bird Natural

cheese board
mango cheese/breadboard bird natural

Many people are fascinated by wildlife and nature. With Ellementry, you can bring both of these elements into your home or gift it to someone through mango cheese/breadboard bird natural. The mango wood is left natural to give a subtle backdrop, and the handle is in the shape of a bird. The elegant design also works as a decorative addition. Present your snacks perfectly in any way you like, whether organized or messy. You will only receive applauds from your guests. 

In Teak Wooden Cheese/Bread Board Rectangle

in teak rectangle cheese board
in teak wooden cheese/bread board rectangle

It is the perfect addition to any kitchen or dining room. Spread the cheese and snacks on the board and leave a little place for a glass bowl. This way, you will get a wonderful arrangement to serve delicious spreads with the snacks and get the party started. The easy to hold handle makes break cutting more convenient. 

In Teak Wooden Cheese/Bread Board Asymmetric

teak wood cheese board
in teak wooden cheese/breadboard asymmetric

This asymmetrical beauty is crafted from teak wood, giving your hosting skills an edge. When you choose this item as a gift, the receiver will not be oblivious to its beauty and sophistication. If you are worried about its cleaning, there is nothing to worry about. All one need to do is clean it with a mild detergent and keep it away from harsh abrasives, and deep water soaks. Your cheese board  will maintain their beauty for a very long time. 

Those times are long gone when people used to gift showpieces. We are living in an era where everyone wants to add something unique and spectacular to their space. Conventional items don’t work anymore. Make a start and gift an unconventional item like a cheese board from Ellementry this festive season and see how the receiver’s eye light up. 

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