Candles have been used for centuries as a symbol of warmth and comfort. They have always been associated with romance, and adding candles to your home can instantly create a cosy, intimate atmosphere. So bring in the romance and build a cosy atmosphere at your home by selecting elegant and stylish candle holders on ellementry.

Set the mood in your home with a gaiyo candle stand

This beautiful and functional candle stand is made from high-quality mango wood, which is known for its rich swirl patterns and versatility. Each stand is hand-carved and hand-finished, making each piece unique and adding to its overall appeal. The warm and natural finish of mango wood is perfect for creating a cosy and romantic atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for Valentine’s Day.

gaiyo candle stand - large
gaiyo candle stand – large

Light up the balcony for romantic evenings

A brightly illuminated balcony gives your home a warm and inviting atmosphere and creates a setting for some of the most memorable and romantic experiences with your loved ones. The jharoka lantern is designed with a beautiful brass finish that gives it a classic look. For a shimmering sheen, add detailed and clean-looking handmade lanterns to the corners and centre of the table.

You can mix it up by pairing it with the black jharoka lantern. A monochromatic theme can be a good metaphor for people who are opposites yet make a great pair.

jharoka lantern
jharoka lantern

Perfect for royal and elegant lighting

The maya tealight holder is ideal for creating a soft and beautiful ambiance for an indoor date. Place them in the corners and nooks of your home. You can also display them on the entryway console table, side tables, or in the dining room as part of the table setting. The clean look goes well when paired with other decor.

maya large t-light holder
maya large t-light holder

Including these minor details in your home decor can improve its beauty like never before. You have the option to either visit a ellementry store or check out our website for a wider selection to create the perfect Valentine’s Day ambiance in your home.

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