For generations, wood has graced our homes, weaving a narrative of rustic, minimalistic, and rooted beauty. From timeless furniture to exquisite serveware, wooden pieces effortlessly evoke a sense of simplicity and charm that is unmatched. Embrace the allure of wood’s natural qualities as you explore the exquisite range of ellementry’s offerings, creating a harmonious ambiance that is both inviting and enchanting.

Helping you prepare and serve with laimai chopping board

While you are preparing a quick salad you want to put together or helping someone in the kitchen chop veggies, fruits, or nuts, the laimai chopping boards can be handy. Sheesham wood is durable, unique, and adds a timeless charm to your kitchen. You can also gift this unique leaf-shaped board for a functional and aesthetically pleasing look. You can explore more options from the collection at our store or on our website. 

laimai chopping board - leaf
laimai chopping board – leaf

Laimai serving boards can be the canvas to serve food

The natural grain and warm tones of wood create a stunning backdrop for the culinary masterpiece, adding a touch of rustic elegance. Whether it’s a beautifully carved wooden platter showcasing an array of colourful fruits or a wooden bowl cradling a vibrant salad, the combination of food and wood is a feast for the eyes. Let these Laimai serving boards, small or big, help you showcase salads, cheese platters, or breads.

laimai serving board with handle - rectangle
laimai serving board with handle – rectangle

Laimai wooden spoons

Whether it’s dishing out a hearty stew, carefully plating a vibrant salad, or portioning out a delightful dessert, these wooden spoons add a unique charm to the table. Their natural beauty compliments the food’s flavours and textures, creating a harmonious sensory experience for both the one making it and the guests. They come in round and oval shapes, helping you maintain choices and variations at the table.

laimai oval salad server set of 2

laimai oval salad server set of 2

Furniture from kayra collection to make big or small changes

The possibilities are endless with the kayra collection. Be it a sunny stay-in weekend or a working weekday, we have handcrafted furniture pieces for your living room, study room, bedroom, or even work place to cater to all your needs. Whether you envision a cosy reading nook adorned with a small coffee table or creative and productive time on a console to help you unwind, these tables are a great addition.

kayra coffee table
kayra coffee table

Wooden serveware is washable with a mild detergent, avoiding abrasives and deep water soaks. For furniture care, dust with a soft, dry cloth and clean spills with a damp, non-abrasive sponge. Avoid harsh chemicals and protect from direct sunlight, AC units, and heating vents. 

kayra ready-to-assemble console table
kayra ready-to-assemble console table

These simple steps ensure easy cleaning and lasting beauty for your wooden items and furniture.

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