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An ode is a piece of art that sings praises about the worthy. Think poems of passion and opulence. Or paintings that pay tribute to a quiet winter morning. Over centuries, terracotta has never failed in making poetry happen – be it roofs of ancient houses, an emperors tomb in China or temples in Kolkata.

It’s as organic and pure as the union of the two words that gives its name. ‘Terra’ stands for Earth and ‘Cotta’ means baked in Italian. Harnessed right from the Earth, there’s no limit to what a craftsman can make of it.

buy-terracotta-curd-setter-ellementryLittle wonder that it’s been around in almost every household in our country. Remember hot summers with the 10 am – 2pm play hours? The soothing water from grandma’s matka would always quench your thirst thoroughly afterwards. Available in various shapes the most preferred ones these days are terracotta water jugs which are handy to love around. Terracotta keeps the water cool naturally and adds the Earth’s healing elements to it. So, water stored in it gets enriched with essential minerals that charge you right back Up.

buy-terracotta-serving-bowl ‘Explore India and you’ll get to know the world’, avid backpackers say of our country. The closer youget to the heart of it, into villages and towns that teem with heritage, the thicker the curd gets. What’s their secret ingredient? Hello again, terracotta. Its porous nature lets it breathe, keeping it friendly with good bacteria that help with Fermentation, try the terracotta curd setter the next time you want delicious and thick dahi. It’s even a master sprouter that pulses love. Doing away with any excess water, it only leaves behind what’s needed. It’s alkaline, which maintains its rapport with the good bacteria in the long run.

Hospitality comes naturally with our culture and Terracotta plays the perfect co-host. It literally brings out the best in anything it serves. It’s organic and lead-free, making it one of the most food safe materials. And the unique touch of clay makes any dish even more delicious.

There are many ways it can find its place in our every day, making it beautiful and useful. And it’s about time it takes back the top spot in our lives.

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