We have successfully stepped into the year 2022. The last couple of years was full of unexpected as we witnessed pandemic and adversities that it bought along. However, we were brave enough to get past that and lead a regular life once again. But as we are transitioning towards a more technologically advanced world with metaverse in the making, the retro has caught along. As many people forget their traditional values, most people are focusing on reviving them. After all, grandma’s love that she poured into her cooking is hard to leave behind. A simple life in a modern way is something individuals wish to experience. That life is now very much possible with brands like ellementry. 

If we focus on Indian kitchenware, we have grown up seeing clay pots, brass utensils and food cooked over a wood fire, which imparted such a wonderful flavour to the dish that made us feel true bliss. We have modernised our cooking area extensively however, we can never move away from a few traditional cooking tools and we would love to see them in our kitchen. 

Let’s explore the beauty of those golden days and bring back its charm into our households. Listed below are our top traditional utensils picks that you must add to your space this 2022. 

Erebus Mortar & Pestle

Erebus marble mortar & pestle

Most Indian households have a mortar & pestle in their home. If you are thinking about how this will bring back the traditional charm then you must read on. The mortar and pestle we are talking about here will make you fall in love with this beauty, as well as its functionality. Erebus marble mortar & pestle is crafted from marble. Its beautiful black colour reflects the charm of the night sky. The pestle here is spherical. So, if you want to make powder of whole spices, this pestle will make the process much easier. Once grinded, the condiments release a full-blown aroma and flavour that is perfect for your dish to give a taste that is hard to resist. 

Sanchi Brass Roti Tong

Sanchi brass roti tong

In the older days, steel was not a commonly used material in kitchens. It was brass, clay and other materials that were more popular. But as we are taking a turn towards our traditions, using brass and clay has become a norm. If you have been using modern-day conventional tongs or chimta, it is now time to change. A brass roti tong is a helpful kitchen tool. It protects your hand while you lift or flip hot chapattis or paranthas. The properties of brass are such that it makes it more durable, and the hue adds a classic vintage hue to your cook space. 

Terracotta Curd Setter

Knurl terracotta curd setter with wooden lid-large

As we are fast approaching the hot summer months, you will start craving cold delights that can beat the heat. The best way to do so is via terracotta products. Clay has naturally cool properties and when any food or beverage is stored in terracotta, it stays clean, pure and become full of earthy nutrients. Curd setter made from this material will add style to your kitchen and benefit your health. You can make thick yoghurt that satisfies your taste buds and tackle the heat. 

Chakla Belan

In teak wooden chakla belan with stand

Another essential kitchen tool is chalka belan. One can find it in every Indian household. However, choosing the right product that satisfies immediate needs is vital. At ellementry, you can select from teak wood and marble rolling pin. Both are designed ergonomically and give maximum comfort while rolling out the dough. If you are low on making chapattis and paranthas, having one such item assist in making pie base and other desserts. 

Reviving our old Indian traditions & culture isn’t difficult. You can start from the cooking area and slowly move onto different parts of your home. Brands like ellementry can be of great help and assistance. Browse the products that bring back the tradition and order what you love the most. Start small or go big the choice is yours. 

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