Bread is a staple food made by baking the right amount of flour-dough and water amid other ingredients. It is a traditional cuisine in many regions spanning across the world. It is also one of the oldest human-made delicacies. You may find pieces of bread fondly put in old proverbs and maxims. 

The phrases like the sole ‘bread-winner and ‘bread and butter’ have placed the special loaves of bread on the foundation of ancient history.

The process of baking the bread could be both short and lengthy. It depends on the kind of bread that we want to bake. However, the basic process remains similar. The ingredients that go into the bread are natural bacteria, compounds, artificially generated yeast, or high-pressure aeration.

The gas bubbles puff up the bread. Unlike the typical bread, commercial bread incorporates elements to increase flavour, texture, colour, nutrition, shelf life and ease of production in many countries.

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Both commercial slices of bread and natural ones have their advantages. If a household relies more on naturally made food and ingredients, it may want to own a suitable kitchenware set.

Be it whole wheat bread or otherwise, the elaborate process of baking requires the right amount of ingredients. It also requires the right set of kitchenware and serveware items.

Ellementry is the right platform to reach when looking for suitable kitchenware items, serveware and bakeware online

The process of baking requires the proper ingredient and utensils. Also, when serving bread – the household may need a loaf pan for bread. Bread and breakfast have been more like two peas in a pod, hence fresh bread straight out from the kitchen and served in an apt serveware set.


There are many multipurpose, eco-friendly and food-safe boards available at Ellementry:

Mango breadboard bird natural

With this sleek board, you may dice or serve your bread or cheese against a natural backdrop. It is made of mango wood, which makes it light and easy to handle. The picture of a bird made on the side adds a natural element to the product. It also increases the aesthetic appeal of the Mango Breadboard.

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Midnight Mango wood cheese board (oval)

Collop or serve your bread on a black backdrop with this smooth oval board. The mango wood makes it light in weight, and the round handle makes it easy to handle by anyone. This cheeseboard is multipurpose and may also be used to slice and serve freshly baked bread and cheese.

Egg-shell metal bread box with wooden lid

This bread box is made of a lovely combination of metal and wood. It is ideal for storing freshly baked bread. This bread box has many capabilities and uses as the lid doubles as a chopping board for slicing your bread.

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This loaf pan for bread and cheese has the potential to elevate your baking skills. The manufacturing material ceramic is sturdy and non-corrosive. It is also resilient and maintains a constant temperature. The board resists moisture and minimizes cracks throughout the process.

Mango Cheese/Breadboard leaf natural

It is a simple board made up of environment-friendly, natural material. The board is made up of natural and sturdy mango wood. The design for the board adds to the minimalistic aesthetics of the board.

It is simple and sleek and could be utilized to slice and serve your bread or cheese against a purely natural backdrop. The light mango wood makes it light and simple to handle. A nature-inclined aesthetics add more natural appeal to the Mango Breadboard leaf natural.

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Bread, whether plain or toasted, can help to a well-balanced breakfast. You can get your breakfast out of the oven, not from a package or a gleaming glass case at your local coffee shop, if you want to make the most of the most important meal of the day.

Also, when you make your breakfast bread yourself, you get to control the ingredients. It is an old Indian saying that breakfast is the most important meal of your day. The time difference between your supper and breakfast is a crucial parameter to measure digestion.

That is the reason why our breakfast should be healthy. Hence other components, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes, can boost the nutritional value of your bread.

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