The favourite season of the year is here. It is the time of chilling cold beverages, ice creams, shakes, smoothies, ice cones and whatnot. It is the season of fun and holidays for children. But it is also time to keep yourself hydrated and safe from the heat.

Days are long, and nights are short. Due to heat, people tend to become tired as the body sweats non-stop. To maintain a minimum temperature in the body, you must drink as much water as you can. But do not drink in mundane-looking drinkware item. It is your loving weather. Enjoy it in some style. Do it with Ellementry.

Summer days are synonymous with cold beverages. Nimbu paani, Aam Panna, Mango shake, Orange juice, Cold coffee, soft drinks and everything that soothes your soul the moment you take a sip.

It is the season of enjoyment. You can throw a party or a small get together at lunch. Serve your guests some cool welcome drinks in beautiful tableware glasses. The heat should not spoil the fun. If you plan to call some friends and relatives at your place, make sure your table is ready to receive them with beautiful tableware and kitchenware.

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Decorating your table with fancy and unique jugs and pitchers is a good idea to upscale your hospitality skills. Visitors everywhere are welcomed with a drink first. The first impression of your home serveware collection comes from the jug and glasses used.

Do not forget that the used ones are beautiful, classy and an attention catcher. Let your items on the table alone speak for your style. You can have carafes to do this job. They are elegant, fancy and add a distinct charm.

Fiore ceramic jug

Place it on the dining or the nightstand; this carafe will make the spot shine with opulent simplicity. Its sky blue colour gives a celestial look. It alone is enough to make a memorable opinion about you and your home. Along with serving its functional purpose, it is a perfect piece of decor as well. It is ideal for both daily uses as well as special occasions.

Ceramic jug small stripes blue

This carafe will go perfectly well on the breakfast table. The calm colour will cheer everybody’s mood. The size is perfect for the ideal number of servings. Just like on our dresses, stripes on tableware are never out of trend.

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They always make a statement. The colour will conveniently complement your English breakfast including cereals, sandwiches and milk. To complete the look, buy other items of this collection to make the morning table look more beautiful than ever.

Matt silver water jug

We drink water every day. There is nothing special about it. But it can be when you would have your liquid poured from it from this jug of distinct shape and colour. It will add a feeling of luxury and royalty to the meal. The silver water jug is no less than a luxury.

The sleek design will make people curious to touch and see it for themselves. Be it today or after many years, this piece is not going out of vogue for a long time. It is everybody’s favourite.

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Linea ceramic breakfast jug

Fill it with fresh juice or tea; it will pour everything in style. The captivating design makes it look more appealing. The minimal town depicts class and its core ingredient; “ceramic” states its nature-friendly property.

You can use it for any purpose. It will only take your greeting and serving on level of appreciation. Pair it with other pieces to complete the look. The entire assemblage will take your party to whole another level. 

While deciding which one to take among the wide ranges of choice, always look for few things. Jugs are very delicate. Ask if the jug is strong enough to handle the weight. Check if it is heavy or not.

Always go for the one which you can carry without hurting your hand. Look for the one which has a wide handle on it for better grip. At Ellementry, you wouldn’t have to worry about all of these factors. Each piece is efficient enough to stand tough on these criteria.

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