Can you please hurry up? 

I am running late.

You are not from this generation if you do not use this line at least once a day.

You are always on the go, and so is your food. Quick and short bite is now a term that has successfully made it to the restaurant menu. It has led to food transfer from the plate to the bowl. This practice is now common in India too. 

There is a new rule. When in doubt, put it in a bowl. 

And you must note that bowl meals are balanced and full of nutrition. There are recipes specially curated for the bowl meal category. Try one for yourself using bowls by ellementry.

Food in the bowl is now a trend, and it has only gained momentum because of the escalating craze for fitness and wellness among people. All bowl recipes efficiently cover all the nutritional demands of your body. Ingredients used are visible, making it look more trustworthy for those who check their calorie intake. To sum up, gone are the days when bowls were only used to serve soups and cereals. The usage has extended and given them clear importance on the table.

One-bowl meal is in vogue now. Ask a food blogger, and she will tell you that food looks much more tempting when served in a bowl. As much fancy as the food looks in a bowl, some millennial reasons support the reason why the bowls are trending today. 

Here are a few for you:

  • Let’s begin with the most common reason. It is easy and comforting to eat from a bowl. With just a bowl and a spoon required for a meal, the fuss to handle multiple silverware and the large-size plate is all gone. One can take his bowl and sit anywhere. You can have your food in your bed without spilling.
  • It controls the amount. Sometimes, the food tastes so good that you tend to overeat, leaving your diet way behind. When you use a bowl, you tend it eat only that much that is required.
  • You get all nutrients in one bowl: protein, veggies, carbs, fibres and more.
  • You do not have to worry about cleaning a heap of dirty dishes as you use only one bowl.

Why don’t you try eating in a bowl and observe how it is convenient? ellementry has lined up a few of its beautiful bowls that will help you get started with:

Upper crust serving bowl

Upper crust serving bowl

Give your dining experience a luxury upgrade with this hand-glazed ‘Upper crust’ serving Bowl. Search some of your favourite and easy-to-make bowl meal recipes and make one for yourself. Enjoy every bite of it in this stunning upper crust bowl. The depth of the bowl is enough to fill you up. You can pair it up with other pieces from the ‘Upper Crust’ collection to complete the look.

Frangipani wooden salad bowl

wooden salad bowl
frangipani wooden salad bowl

The frangipani wooden bowl by ellementry is here to make you enjoy every bite of your best salad. The colour and design make it a stunning piece and nothing less than a piece of décor for the kitchen. With these hand-painted flowers, our artists have added a coat of culture and created a timeless statement in style. This bowl is entirely food safe as per international standards making it ideal for serving fresh salad every day.

Midnight mango wood bowl

mango wood bowl
Midnight mango wood bowl

Not only for eating, use a fancy bowl to make your healthy meal as well. The all-black and visually appealing mango wood bowl are here to help you make the best and delicious salad. The bowl will stand out on the table. Its matt finish makes it simple yet sophisticated. Bring this mango wood bowl to add a factor of elegance to your serveware collection. The bowl will never fail to impress the guests and will effortlessly blend in with your everyday use.

Oro brass dessert bowl with a spoon

Oro brass dessert bowl with a spoon

Excuse your diet resolution for a day and treat yourself with your favourite sweet dish in this oro brass dessert bowl. The brass spoon and bowl is stunning to look at.

Bowl by ellementry wants to fill your life with taste and happiness. Explore more at


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