Bowls are essential in every home and a part of every culture. It is used for various purposes, such as serving soup, snacks or storing leftovers. But, if you are trying to control the portions in every meal and not exceed your daily limit, a bowl can be helpful in that pursuit. It is being used for a very long time to maintain healthy eating habits. Ellementry offers an incredible bowl collection that will help you to stay on track and enjoy every meal.

wooden salad bowl

Black Masala Wooden Nut Bowl- Large & Small

nut bowl
black masala wooden nut bowl- large & small

Do you wish to enjoy roasted makhane but in moderation? Then give your snacking an attractive appeal with black masala wooden nut bowl- large & small. This kitchen bowl set is a must-buy item if you want to start eating healthy. When healthy dry snacks will be served elegantly in this nut bowl, they would love to try it out. It would be like having a fancy meal in a top-notch restaurant. The black pepper look will further accentuate your dining experience.

Liyah Brown Wooden Nut Bowl-Large

wooden bowl
liyah brown wooden nut bowl-large

Many people struggle with midnight hunger pangs or like to munch on snacks when working. As our schedule is getting hectic by the day, eating habits are becoming poorer. Luckily, you are never too late to change your habits. Bring home a liyah brown wooden nut bowl-large and fill it to the top with healthy nibbles and snacks. The mango wood bowl can also work as a reminder to eat healthily.

In Teak Wooden Salad Bowl- Extra Large

wooden nut bowl
in teak wooden salad bowl- extra large


The charm of authentic Asian food comes when it is served the right way and in the appropriate utensils. If you are preparing one such meal for your family and wish to enjoy a restaurant like experience at home, then make use of in teak wooden salad bowl- extra large. They are beautiful and handmade from teak wood. You can enjoy a hearty meal in each bowl or use it to serve certain delicacies.

White Marble Bowl With Wooden Stand

marble bowl
white marble bowl with wooden stand


The best way to make something noticeable is by making it a focal point. If you like to dress up the dining table with fruits, fresh muffins, cookies, nuts or nibbles, and want your family to take notice of it, a white marble bowl with a wooden stand can be of assistance. The blend of marble and wood is eye-pleasing, and the bowl gets that much-needed height to be a focal point with the help of the stand.  

Frangipani Wooden Salad Bowl

wooden salad bowl
frangipani wooden salad bowl

Are you looking for a bowl that can be used for serving as well as storing leftovers? Go with a frangipani wooden salad bowl. It is a beautiful piece and will do justice to your cooking. The leftovers in this bowl can be popped into the fridge by placing any lid on them. The wooden tableware bowls are easy to clean and give an elevated appeal to your serving.

Twain Glass Jar With Wooden Bowl (Large)

Twain glass jar with wooden bowl
Twain glass jar with wooden bowl

Many people like to indulge in nibbles but often forgo getting a bowl and pouring the snack in it. Opening the jar, again and again, will allow more air to trap inside it and make the snacks go stale. This problem is solved with a twain glass jar with a wooden bowl (large). There is no need to look for a bowl because the lid has a wooden bowl top that can be used for serving. Open the jar and pour the snacks in the lidded bowl, and you are done! Enjoy it when idle or on the go!

These are a few options, but at, a large collection and an extensive listing are waiting for you to shop from.

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