When God made our planet, he had a vision in mind. He pictured humans doing everything whilst living with nature. He imagined him running & walking bare feet on the grounds, planting saplings, breathing among the trees, and so much more.

Humans dreamt of modernizing and relishing superficial luxury. But for some reason, he always kept coming back to its roots. Mother Earth had her ways of calling him where he belonged.

That’s the reason why today, most of us are worried about our planet’s future. The table has turned. It is our turn to serve the Earth with utmost dedication, care, and love. The mother doesn’t ask for much but just some responsible actions.


Each year we dedicate a day to our environment, but it’s time we devote our life for its betterment. The change we are expecting cannot happen in one day of the year. It will take time.

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You have to make your lifestyle nature-friendly. Look around you. Observe and see for yourself how many things directly or indirectly harm nature. Start buying sustainable things.

If you are under a misconception that you have to get down on the roads and scream slogans and march till you drop, you are mistaken. Nature thinks well of you and doesn’t want to create any kind of trouble.

It will thank you even when you will do your bit from your home. Today, even as you stay put at homes and maintain social distancing, you can still exercise your duty and responsibility to act for the environment.

No matter where you are, you can make a difference. There are some habits that you can adapt to for a better and greener lifestyle.

  • Make a small garden at your home’s balcony or open lawn and plant saplings of flowers or fruits
  • Understandably, summer sometimes gets intolerable. A.C is required. Try not to set your A.C temperature too high
  • As much attention as floras gets, fauna deserves the same. Co-habitation should be a way of life. Live and let all the beautiful species live. This planet is as much theirs as it is yours
  • Save water. Reuse it wherever and whenever you can. Water drained from air conditioners can be used to the water plants
  • Try solar power for electricity
  • Go for environment-friendly products

There is so much more than you can do from home. Ellementry, an exclusive brand of antique and eco-friendly kitchenware and decor items will help you effortlessly. Here are some listed below for you:

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Midnight mango wood bowl

Whatever happens at a house is entirely under the control of mothers or the house makers. Here is a fancy looking salad bowl to start your greener lifestyle with. When you are eating green, make sure you prepare it in something green as well.

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The bowl is beautifully handcrafted and coated with food-safe lacquer. If you are worried that it will be too simple for your home decor then do not worry. Be it any party or feast, the bowl will never fail to impress the visitors. 

Blue glass bowl- small

Let your house decor be ecologically sounds too. Bring home antique-looking decor items like this blue glass bowl which will look very pretty on your coffee table. You can put it in your living room or at your dining table.

It is perfect for keeping nibbles and other preparation for a feast. You can use it as a fruit display as well. Use it whichever way you want. It will beautify your overall space.

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Wood peg table

This stylish wood table can easily fit into your home décor. Along with serving its conventional purpose, it will enhance the entire look of the place. It has ample storage in it.

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You can put it beside your reading chair and store your favourite book, pen, diary, journal in it. Lift the lid and store anything you like. It is the furniture of modern times meant to keep spaces neat and organized.

Drop glass water bottle with a ceramic stopper

From as big as a sofa set to as small as this water bottle, let all things around you describe ecology at their best. This bottle is mouth-blown to fit snugly in the side pocket of your backpack. Its hand-glazed ceramic stopper will seal your water in. 

Ellementry has all the environmentally friendly products that you can proudly make a part of your home.

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