Deep cleaning our homes in preparation for Diwali is an age-old tradition. Most of us follow a similar practice during this time by thoroughly cleaning our homes several days before Diwali. As an act to usher in new beginnings, being gracious hosts, maintaining a clean space, all things festive!

The first step towards cleaning is decluttering, and one place in the house where it is required the most is your kitchen. From being a place to converse while making a steaming cup of tea or brewing coffee to cooking sweet delicacies for Diwali, it is the culinary hub to satiate your hunger and satisfy your taste buds. But before making these culinary delights, give your kitchen a Diwali sparkle.

Explore these easy kitchen decluttering hacks and tips by ellementry.

Space Management

One of the most prominent kitchen fallacies is that a smaller kitchen is the reason for all the mess. However, a small kitchen can retain as much trash as a large one because the real culprit is stockpiling unnecessary stuff. Use your imagination and creative mind to make space for storing kitchenware efficiently.

Every kitchen needs a cookware that is frequently used to prepare meals. Keep them within easy reach for quick and immediate access. Stack seldomly used cookware on the topmost shelves.

Store food in one location and cups and similar prep equipment in another to help you find your favourite products as quickly as possible. It will reduce your food preparation time and will elevate your kitchen aesthetics.

Multifunctional Kitchenware

Upper Crust ceramic baking dish

Doesn’t it feel good when your multifunctional kitchenware simplifies your cooking experience with style. Keep your kitchen clutter-free by stocking it with multifunctional products, like a cheeseboard that you can also use as a breadboard or a baking dish that can shift roles from bakeware to serveware.

Inventory Management

Foursquare sugar coffee and tea containers with wooden lid

By clearing off your kitchen counter space, you can make the process of elimination easier. Keep a regular check on the contents of your cupboards before putting things back. You may be astonished to see how many outdated ingredients are hiding in there. Conquering clutter in your daily routine will also help you to organise your kitchen on a regular.

Make the Most of Your Shelves

You can make better use of your kitchen’s bare shelves by adequately organising the space. Displaying everyday essentials is made easier with open shelves. Cookbooks, cooking oils, and jars, to name a few, can all be stored in them. Clean the ledges with a damp cloth to remove oil and dirt, if any.

Well, if you want to break the monotony of the cabinet and add a certain panache, you may also use hanging baskets in your kitchen.

Go Green

terracotta jar
Sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid

While decluttering your kitchen, opt for sustainable materials. Glass, ceramic and terracotta containers with airtight lids are the best sustainable jars for storing. Another reusable choice that is unbreakable and beautiful is galvanised iron bins or stainless steel containers for staple food grains and flour.

Add a new perspective to your decluttering approach this Diwali, and get ready to celebrate the festive season with light, love and abundance. Invite the season of prosperity with some new additions from the ellementry collection.

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