We have spent our entire 2020 cocooned in our houses. It’s time to bring some life to your place and redecorate it a bit. It is now evident that half of the world will be working from their homes for a certain amount of time.

To enhance your productivity, you might like to brighten up to keep your spirits high while working. It is known by all that colours add positivity to the place. The correct hues reflect cheerful and happy vibes.

Complement them with the right furniture, and your decor will light up without any additional effort. Decorate your abode using the fancy, sustainable decor items from Ellementry.

Here are some popular trends you must follow to brighten up for your place in 2021:

Live with nature

The worst impact of this epidemic is that human is no longer allowed to wander freely outside. It states that all the morning job and evening stroll in the park is prohibited. The reduced accessibility to open and green spaces should not tamper with your usual life.

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Bring them to your home and nurture your ambience with a green lively spirit. Hang the floras on the balconies, plant some in your lawn or put some pot on your kitchen’s countertop. Bring tulsi, aloe vera, mint, and curry leaves to add a dose of freshness and enliven your place.

A suitable workplace

Work from home and homeschooling is something that most of you are introduced to only recently. It has become a new norm. Since you are working from your comfort zone, feeling lethargic is quite common.

You should dedicate yourself to a corner of the house and convert it into your professional workspace. Put on a desk and a chair, with bright lighting, attractive décor items on your desk and wall to keep your mood light and active.

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Statement-making pieces of furniture and lighting

Since you will be spending so much of your time at home, why not change it a bit. For a long time, all your meetups are going to be held at your home only. You must make your home ready to welcome clients and friend at any time of the day. Equip your house with handmade artefacts and furniture made from natural wood to give it a modern yet minimalist look.

Priority to comfort & functionality

You do not need a complicated home. You will be spending more time at home than outside now, so design it in a way that it becomes easier for you to do all the cleaning and dusting. Ladies, you will be working from home and working at home as well. The need is to make your place simple, functional and comfortable to complete all your chores quickly.

You might want to have a look at these décor products by Ellementry

In time notice board with clock & shelf

If you are going for a young and modern look for your hood, then this board will be perfect for you. Write down your tasks for the day on the board. Hang all the necessary keys on the holder at the bottom and put small pots and jars on the shelf. It will be just perfect to embellish the place with minimum effort.

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Teravak embossed planter

If you are thinking to add greenery to your hood, then you must do it right! Plant a small beautiful sapling in this teravak embossed planter. It will create an environment of happiness, positivity and prosperity. Plants around you bring vitality and improve your state of mind. Put your indoor plants in this pot for a lively ambience at your workstation throughout the year.

Shade of grey terracotta table lamp

If you like to read at night after long working hours, then put this lamp on your side table. It will not only make your ambience will light but will also enhance your home décor as a statement artefact.

Pearl grey cotton table runner

If you are one of those who like to keep it low, then this pearl grey cotton table runner is for you. It will keep you light-headed and full of positivity all the time. Colour white signifies peace, and that’s what this product intends to bring to your home. It will act as a foundation for your table décor. The runner will also protect it from all kinds of spills and damage caused by dragging of servewares.

Follow the trend and lighten up your place with the help of Ellementry.

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