Living in your home should be a little bit of celebration every day. 

Table Decor Handcrafts

We know that your home is a space you love to decorate and make your own. We believe that a home should be a reflection of the people who live there, and we want to help you make it feel like one. The collection featured below is an extension of your love for art. It’s hard to pick just one thing to decorate your home with. So why not go all in? These decor pieces are perfect for any space in your home: on tables, shelves, or walls!

Whether you aspire to make your home more styled, cheerful, and personalised or need some ideas for gifting, we’ve got you covered.

Pagdis of rajasthan set of 8

The Pagdis are a centuries-old tradition that is still practised today in Rajasthan. The paintings feature seven different styles of pagdis, each representing a different aspect of Rajasthani life. These paintings are handcrafted with exceptional artistry, much like the turbans. First comes a sustainable base made with cow dung and mud. Then there’s the deft use of diverse colours to create an image that honours the colourful headgear’s rich past. These pieces can be hung up on walls or given as gifts to friends or family members who just moved into their new homes.

Lakshmiji pagalia mandana set of 5

In an age when we are surrounded by a sea of white and black, it’s nice to add a splash of colour to your home. This set of five Lakshmiji Pagalia Mandana wall art pieces will do just that! The background is adorned with a beautiful brick red background, displaying the traditional Mandana motif in striking white acrylic for festive wall decor. It makes for a thoughtful and wonderful gift as well.

Dove ecomix accent

Let your home’s interiors tell a story of their own. Sculptures are always known to add character to any space. Whether it is your tabletop, living room shelf, or a corner in your office, Let the thinking dove ecomix accent enhance the beauty of your space as they reflect calm quietness and effortlessness. Placing a couple of these among the books on your bookshelves will help split the focus. These sculptures impart a modern art museum-like climate to the home environment.

Firm face ecomix sculpture

Using sculptural pieces is one of the most ideal approaches to giving your space a refreshing touch. These faces are expressions that you believe in. Let it bring a bit of charm to your home decor and never fail to make a statement. Any room in your house that is lacking drama may be saved by the face-firm ecomix structure. They are available in two colours that pair well together or can be kept as a standalone piece. With these pieces, any corner can become the centre of attention. They also make wonderful gifts for friends and family members who enjoy decorating their homes!

Home is where the heart is, and we can’t wait to see what you do with these decor pieces. Visit our website to check out the entire collection.

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