It does not matter if you are busy with your routine and might have not called your sibling in a few weeks. Or maybe you had a heartfelt conversation last night. For all kinds of brother-sister bonds, Rakshabandhan is the perfect occasion to leave everything aside and cherish the bond.

Enhancing traditions over the years.

Raksha Bandhan no longer means just tying your brother a rakhi and receiving a gift in return. Sisters do like pampering and protecting their brothers. Here are some decor items they too might love, which are fairly new launches for your adorable bond with your sibling:

Let’s begin with love and light.

If they enjoy lighting candles, some support from you can be given. ellementry’s latest Akoda collection is not only beautiful looking but also made of paper-mache and eco mix, which makes it stand out. This candle stand comes in sizes for them to set it up anywhere they like.

akoda candle stand
akoda candle stand

For the one who doesn’t stop caring for you.

We all know one of our siblings who has seen us go and grow through everything. Brothers and sisters become an important part of your journey. There can never be too many planters, especially if they love nature.

teravak embossed planter
teravak embossed planter

Bonds that connect over food are special.

Sisters and brothers who pamper you with different cuisines, your favourite dishes, or even foods you hate when you are sick, make them unique. Let them serve you food that you might or might not like, but they will always be precious to you. Just like one of the pieces from our latest collection, Fleur D’Or

fleur d'or collection
fleur d’or collection

No matter where you are, what you do, or how your personalities are arranged, you and your brothers or sisters will always stick together. And for them to remember how much they are loved and adored, what is better than a pair of minikin accent

ellementry likes being a part of your celebrations. To shop for more thoughtful, meaningful, and sustainable gifts, visit our website or your nearest store.

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