When it comes to hosting dinner, very often, individuals think about setting the table. They believe that it is for restaurants only and would not be a requirement in a home setting. But, if you can make restaurant-like meals at home and serve them with utmost delight and confidence then why the table be so bare? A fancy dinner home is possible and becomes a reality with a dining table setting. If you don’t know what items should be placed to set the table properly, the listed below products will give you all the information that you need.

Upper Crust Dinner Plate

Whether you are hosting a formal dinner or an informal one, you will need to set out the plates for the occasion. If you want to make a strong impression, choose the upper crust dinner plate. The ceramic plates are 100% food safe, and their hand-carved design makes dinner more special.

Upper Crust Side Plate

One of the best dinner table arrangements is the one that has a side plate for entrée and other small edible items. So, do not forget to add an upper crust side plate for every guest. Seeing the side plate, it will be easy to understand that you are serving nothing less than a three-course meal. Whether you will be serving vegetables or curry, an upper-crust bowl is a must. It makes serving more elegant, and guests do not mess up their plates. The food will look beautiful, and sumptuous in a ceramic bowl, making everyone feel even more hungry from the looks of it.

Upper Crust Serving Bowl

You fuss so much over the menu, hand-pick the ingredients and spend hours in the kitchen to prepare a meal that delights taste buds and touches the heart. Such a loving meal must be served in a bowl that is worthy of it. A ceramic upper crust serving bowl & cake stand will add to the charm of your dish. When you take it out onto the table, you will feel proud and ready for compliments coming your way.

Upper Crust Wooden Cutlery Holder

Upper Crust Wooden Cutlery Holder

If you want to keep extra cutlery on the table without making a mess, set an upper crust wooden cutlery holder in the middle. A beautiful item, handcrafted from mango wood, it will elevate the way your dinner table setting appears. It is further hand-carved and is spacious enough to hold cutlery and ladles in one place.

Upper Crust Wooden Roti Box

Upper Crust Wooden Roti Box

Whether you are serving Rotis or wraps, the main idea is to keep them fresh, and hot before it is picked up by the guests. A plate is ideal for serving but does not give out the best appeal. However, when you serve Indian bread and more in an upper crust wooden roti box, the guests will be high on praises. Its sleek and round design is smooth, and the hand-carved flowers on the lid make it aesthetically appealing.

Dewy Glass Jug With Wooden Lid

Drinks are a vital part of the meal, and having a jug of water or any other refreshing beverage is a must in your dining table setting. You can add a glass bottle for the water and use a jug to serve lemonade, mocktail or any other drink that your guests like. It will be fun and make the area look utterly pleasant.

Amber love Ceramic Condiment Set With Wooden Spoons

amber love ceramic condiment set with wooden spoons

Indian love condiment as it makes the food spicier, flavourful and tasty. So, having this ceramic condiment set with wooden spoons is a must on the table. Fill it up with sauces, pickles and more so that the guests can enjoy the dinner and remember the evening forever. After all, good food is hard to forget.

Bring these table setting items home and enjoy a restaurant like a dinner in a more warm and comfortable space. With ellementry.com, you can never go wrong.

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