We are living in the times of “either do the best or rest.” Every day a new business with a novel idea is introduced to the market. Thanks to technology and constant innovation, our life is simpler than ever.

The market is competitive even for utility products. Each business manufacturing and designing utility products have to create something different from its competitor.

Utility products are no longer used to ease work; they now serve as a piece of decor. Customers are more concerned about what would look good in the house than what will serve their needs the best. It is more about what goes with the house’s interior. Demand for aesthetically pleasing utility products has increased in the last few years.

To understand the context vividly, imagine a hypothetical situation. In a super-market, do you prefer to choose a product with the mundane packaging which still essentially does the job, or do you like the product that has some aesthetic look and adds to your style along with serving your need?

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The fight is between Beauty and Utility. The challenge is to deliver both to the customers. The solution is their conglomeration. The product which balances both wins.

Every individual is personally designing their home’s interior. Gone are the days when the home was only a place to live. It is so much more than that. It reflects you and your lifestyle which everyone likes to keep of the latest trend. 

According to a study, the kitchen is what people like to see first while exploring the house. If the statement holds any truth, then the kitchen must be well-equipped with fancy, trendy, yet pocket-friendly cutlery and utilities.

Ellementry is one brand which, along with eco-friendly kitchenware, also offers décor items, furniture and lighting material, and gift items. The best thing about its products is that all of them are beautifully handcrafted by real artists.

Each product is carved with emotions and passion. Their products revive the cultural value and add to your contribution towards Mother Nature while simultaneously enhancing your home’s décor.

Some of the brand’s best utility products:

  • Twine-wire basket:

Who likes to see veggies and fruits scattered all over the place because there is no suitable place to keep them in open. Ellementry solves the problem with its sustainable, handcrafted, and food-safe twin wire basket.

Your fruits and vegetables would be safe inside them and would not roll around in the kitchen. These baskets come with a lid which can also be used to chop vegetables and fruits on. You can also call them your chopping board with a basket.

  • Twine-wire bread box:

Doesn’t it feel satisfying to see a spongy and well-baked loaf of bread? What if we get it a beautiful place to put in? Ellementry, with its expertise in creating and designing beautiful utility products, introduces twine-wire bread boxes.

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The buns and bread usually stale when kept in the open on a breadboard. Store and keep your bread and buns fresh in this bread box as it also comes with a lid and a cloth to cover the bread. It comes in handy when you want to slice the loaf as its lid can be turned and used as the board.

  • Natural soy wax ceramic jar with wooden lid:

Who doesn’t like the aromatic candles? The vanilla and lavender soy wax candle set your mood right after a stressful day at work. They are 100% environment-friendly. They fill your heart with fragrance.

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The candles come in a ceramic jar with a lid that is handcrafted without harming the nature in any way. Another impressive thing about the product is that it is multi-purpose. Once the candle is over, the ceramic jars can be used to store food items like nuts. These are absolutely food safe as the lid keeps the food fresh and free from moisture.

  • Wooden basket:

For all our precious clientele who put in a little extra effort in organizing and keeping items at their right place, we have something for you which will lower your physical strain. A wooden handcrafted basket is sufficient enough to store a jug, glasses, bottles, or jars.

Ellementry has transformed the definition of utility items. With its handcrafted and sustainable product line, it is one of the finest kitchenware brands in India, offering some eye-pleasing and luxurious-looking line of products. The products are an easy solution if you are wondering and searching for gifting ideas on any special occasion like a housewarming.

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