Finish your vegetables first. 

Does this statement sound familiar? Of course, it does. It is pretty ironic how you use to run away from vegetables and now want to have green salad and soup to stay in shape. But, isn’t that great. Having fresh green salad and healthy soup, especially in winters, is great. It keeps you warm and comfortable from the inside. Right from the beginning of civilization, green leafy vegetables have been a very important part of people’s daily diet. And why wouldn’t they be? They are packed with minerals, vitamins, essential fats and sugar content. Ellementry wants you to stay fit during winter. Make healthy salads and soups at home using fancy eco-friendly cookware by ellementry. 

Fresh salad and soup in winters work like magic. You must enjoy them. Both the dishes are mistaken to be bland and not tasty. But, if cooked properly, both of them are extremely delicious. Soups and salads are the side dishes which now people like to have as a main course for the sake of fitness. Both of them are extremely rich in taste and also very light on the stomach. They are healthy options for those who have munching problems. People, especially in winters, tend to eat a lot. You feel hungry more than in any other season. Soups and salads are the safer choices to cut down on cravings and junk food consumption. 

coffee mug set

Now when you eat more in winters, weight gain is quite predictable. Having fresh soups and salads in winters is a popular choice among those who like to balance their weight. The dishes are full of ingredients, popular for nutrients, including antioxidants, protein, vitamins, and low on carbs. They are extremely rich in fibre content that aids your metabolism and digestion. The more satisfied and full you feel, the more you will be healthy and high-spirited during winters. 

Salads and soups are not boring at all. Instead, when you add broccoli, mushroom, tomatoes, hand grind pepper, seasoning, and other spices it becomes tasty and healthy. They are light in weight, so you feel full of energy and productive all day long. 

white marble mortar & pestle

Now that we have told you so many benefits of having soups and salads in winters, why don’t you make one? Ellementry will help you pull off both dishes. Have a look at some of its products that might help you:

Maze kitchen apron 

Maze cotton kitchen apron

For all those who love cooking, this kitchen apron will provide added protection against the spills and splashes that often occur in the kitchen. Make your salad and soup in professional style with the kitchen warrior apron.

Sous chef multi-utility platter 

Sue chef multi-utility platter

Both the dishes are full of green and fresh veggies. So, the first step to making both dishes is chopping the vegetables. Mind you that you must add at least four green vegetables to your soups and salads. The sous chef multi-utility platter will help you get started. Cut all the vegetables finely on the board. Avoid ingredients from mixing and keep them in the separate section given on the platter. It will help you cook like a pro. You can chop on this tray and keep all the ingredients ready to start, from spices to veggies.

Midnight mango wood salad bowl 

Midnight mango wood bowl

After chopping veggies for your salad, gather all the vegetables together in this salad bowl by ellementry. The experience of making your favourite wholesome salad will be exciting in this bowl. The ‘Midnight Mango Wood Salad Bowl’ is beautifully handcrafted and coated with food-safe lacquer. Be it any party or a feast, this black wooden bowl never fails to impress yet blends well into your everyday. 

Aqua rustic soup bowl

aqua rustic soup bowl

Enjoy your soup in this beautiful ceramic bowl by ellementry. The aqua rustic soup bowl is perfect to serve to pipe hot sweet and sour or vegetable soup. Do not worry. This bowl will outshine everything else on the table. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. 

sheesham natural salad spoon (set of 2)

sheesham natural salad spoon (set of 2)

Serving salad requires precision because the soft berries or peas in the mixture could burst while transferring the salad from the bowl. To avoid the splashing and mixing of liquid from the fruits and vegetables, you need the right tools to help you with the servings and salad set comes to your rescue. Handcrafted Sheesham makes your summer salad spread a statement in itself. Pair it with any of our mango wood and enamel bowls to own that look. These are versatile enough to fit with any other bowl as well.

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