Laughter and conversation flow with freedom over a cup of tea. The beverage is loved by all Indians. A cup of the drink is known to brew millions of memories. It serves as an opportunity to exchange pleasantries and thoughts. The aroma of tea doesn’t infuse its magic only in India.

The drink is desired in all parts of the world. Tea parties are no less than a social convention, a practice that was introduced by the British. High tea is a British tradition of savouring the drink while sitting in high backed chairs at the table full of home-baked cakes, bread, and crackers. Host a high tea party and amaze everyone with your occasion embracing serveware by Ellementry.

High tea began as something that the royal would do to enjoy their leisure time. As the years passed, it became a drink that people took around 6 p.m, when they get tired from working all day long. Now, it is a mere way to enjoy some quality time with family.

At high tea, the entire family sit together at the table to enjoy tea with some delectable food items. While for elders, it is the time to share their day’s happening, for children, it is the time to bond with other family members. They even learn the moral value of family togetherness.

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It is a modern way to celebrate togetherness as each member sits down and share a great chat. As classy as its name sounds, the menu is supposed to be different too. If you are hosting a high tea for your friends, bake a cake or bread.

Finger sandwiches would go well with the drink. As for your children, prepare whatever they like. From chocolate fruitcake to croissants, everyone will relish every bite with a nice steamy cup of tea.


 It is with kids that one enjoys the best time of his day. They brighten up your life just with their smiles. For our precious young humans, prepare their favourite recipes and decorate them in fancy tableware, especially made to exhibit your baking skills. Use these beautiful, environment-friendly products by Ellementry to make your high tea more special:

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Glass cloche with marble base square

High tea is incomplete without a sweet, creamy, and layered cake. Bake one at home and keep it safe on your dining inside this glass cloche with a marble base square. Not only your kids will be tempted towards your artistic baking skill, but your cake will also shine brightly from the crystal clear glass.

The product will also infuse a feeling of royalty and class on the table. The product’s marble base is just added glittery reason to get it as soon as possible. The square cake stand with its ergonomically designed structure will elegantly protect your mithais and pastries.

Neve sage teacup set of four

If your close friends are coming over, then serve them a strong masala tea in these beautiful cup set. Your table will look elegant and stylish most effortlessly and sustainably.

Each cup has a lid, use of which will help you to keep your favourite beverage hot while you are busy chatting with dear ones. The set of the cup is also a perfect gifting idea for your tea lover friends. The lids of the cups can be used as coasters too. To bring more joy, this set comes in a reusable engineered wood gift box.

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Tribal mango wood platter with legs asymmetrical black

Put and serve finger sandwiches on this tribal mango wood platter with legs asymmetrical black. Create a tribal theme for a feast at your table. It would also be perfect to serve cakes, desserts, cheese, or pizza. Sit at your dining table with confident poise.

Aqua rustic ceramic serving bowl-large

The aqua rustic ceramic serving bowl is perfect to serve from nibbles to curries at the high tea. The serving bowl is a delight for the eyes at every party. The serving bowl will sit well on your table.

Your high tea will speak of grace and royalty with these products by Ellementry. Take a look at more as each of them will bring charm to your table and kitchen.

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