Do you use normal plates to carry teapots and cups to the coffee table? Well, if you do then you shouldn’t. Using a usual plate instead of a serving tray lowers your level of hospitality and sometimes reputation as well. You can own a beautiful wooden serving dish from Ellementry, a popular brand known for its handcrafted kitchenware items.

Serving trays come in handy when you have to transport serveware filled with hot fluid. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can have a round decorative tray or one made from wood.

All of them are no less than a long term investment in house decor. You can use them for multiple purposes. Trays play the role of a perfect platter for so many items. The item contributes efficiently well in overall home decor.

Interesting ways of using a serving platter at home

You can place one permanently on your coffee table. It will hold aromatic candles, coasters, napkins. This way you can have a table that looks more put together without any item strewn randomly across it. The tray will serve its functionality while simultaneously escalating the overall vibe of the living room.

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Using one at the dining table is beneficial from both style and conventional perspective. Put condiment set or salt and pepper shakers along with a flower vase on it. It will add an element to your flair and will make it easier for you to move everything at once for cleaning.

Barwares like martini shakers, wine glasses, bottles have an unusual beauty to them. Rather than keeping them shut closed in the cabinet, you can put them on display by placing them on a wooden round tray. It will give a more sophisticated look to the whole place.

Last but not the least; you can put a serving tray on use in the kitchen. Certain items are common in every dish like salt, spices, and oil. You can put them together on a tray. It will save you a lot of time and energy. You can also keep the bottles of all sauces together on it.

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Below are some of the pieces of art that you can bring home in no time.

Frangipani circular wooden tray

This handcrafted round tray framed by the chunky rim and hand-painted flowers is everything you want. It is appropriate for serving drinks, snacks and pretty much everything. The tray will bring a smile to the faces of those who will see it.

If you are worried about it losing its shine and paint after the first wash, then do not fret. Just rinse it with mild detergent after use. Make sure to keep it away from abrasion.

In teak wooden tray- large

It is 100% suitable for bringing morning breakfast to bed to your loved ones. The size is enough to store everything from a teapot to multiple plates. It is classy, robust and will stay with you for longer than you thought.

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Lapis blue wooden tray

The colours and the design is to die for. This lapis blue tray will add hue to your moderate décor. The hand made flowers make it culturally rooted. It will go well on your coffee table as a decor piece. You can also put it on the table next to your couch as it will provide a perfect nesting spot for AC, TV remote, book and coasters.

The versatility of these is beyond one’s imagination. You can use them anywhere. Do judge it by its name because the use of it goes beyond its true meaning. They are of major help as they provide one spot for every little thing. Trays keep the tiny articles organized, which otherwise would have been either lost or misplaced. 

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