“What’s the fuss about? We are only going to eat anyways.”

Outdoor brunch

Ever heard yourself saying this to your mother when she is busy setting the table for the dinner? It is just not you. There are many out there who are not aware of the importance of table setting. The way your table looks while you are eating impacts your way of eating. So next time, when your mother starts to arrange cutleries and crockery on the table, help her. Ellementry is here to help you with its fancy and elegant products that will only upscale your table décor.

Winters are here. The sunshine will once again begin to feel like a warm hug from the sky. Plan the weekend lunch with your family and loved ones on your lawn. Set the table right. Covering it with linen is not enough. The way you have kept all the items on the table says a lot about your table manners. It reflects your culture and also directs the way people on the table interact with each other. To say it in short, it influences how you consume your food.

Here is why table setting is very important during special lunches and dinners:

A well-organised table setting influences the appearance of the food served by the host. After all, people tend to eat by their eyes first.

The way you set your dining table influences how well you digest your food. It happens because while setting up, you make sure everything required during the meal is on the table. It includes serveware, condiment sets, glasses, cutleries, water jug and everything else.

A good table setting gives a good social experience. When you can interact with the person sitting in front of you without any trouble, you experience the feeling of being together.

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It could also be an ice breaker for you. The way you have arranged your dinnerware, glassware and mats define the way the food is exchanged. It allows you to interact with people. “Could you please pass me the bowl of lentil?”

It lets the guests think that they are important enough to put in extra effort for them.

It shows your dining etiquette.

If it is your first time throwing a party, it forms a good first impression.

Now that you have learnt the importance of the right table setting, here are some products by ellementry that will help you set your table:

Macrame cotton table runner 

 table runner
macrame cotton table runner

Macrame cotton table runner will add a factor of elegance to your table setting. Table linen is the foundation of any table. Make sure you give the right one to your dining. This table runner by ellementry is as beautiful as you can think. Along with adding beauty, the table runner works as a shield as well. It will protect your table from all kinds of spills, scratches and burns.

Mustard 100% cotton placemat set of 6

mustard 100% cotton placemat set of 6
mustard 100% cotton placemat set of 6

What possibly could make your lunch date with family brighter than a sunny day? Try the set of mustard 100% cotton table mats by ellementry. Its colour is enough to cheer you up for the meal. As bright as the sun, the cotton mats are perfect for any table setting. It gives a beautiful base to eat on and adds up to the look of your table. Use the cotton table mat set to make your table setting more presentable and elegant.

Frangipani wooden cutlery stand

frangipani wooden cutlery stand
frangipani wooden cutlery stand

It doesn’t look good when your guests ask for a spoon in the middle of the meal, but this problem won’t arise if you have everything on the table before everyone sits down to have the food. Put your napkins and all the cutlery set in this beautiful wooden cutlery stand. You may place it in the center to make your table setting look more beautiful than ever. It has a flower hand-painted by the artists.

Marron round metal napkin ring

marron round metal napkin ring
marron round metal napkin ring

What if someday your boss or esteem clients come over for dinner? Is your table ready to receive them? A sophisticated table setting must have napkins. And, people who use the napkins know how to keep them properly intact in the napkin rings on the table. Only a few distinguished people use napkin rings at home. Be one of them and welcome your guests to the table with style.

Get more items to get your table ready only from ellementry.com Make it look the best and so ready for the party.


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