Our home is our haven. It is where our day starts and begins. Home is a living environment, and when that space is properly looked at and cared for, the same is vital for the outdoor surroundings as well. As well-educated individuals, we need to start thinking about Mother Nature, and about the changes, we need to make to our everyday things that can help the planet to thrive. With a brand like Ellementry, living a sustainable life without compromising on style can be easily achieved. The brand brings together suitability, elegance, materials that are food safe and crafted by talented artisans. When all these elements come together, you get the highest quality material worthy of your possession. Furthermore, it will assist you in staying on the path of suitability. 

terracotta jar

The Earth Jar Set Of Two (Large)

ceramic jar
The earth jar set of two (large)

This ceramic two jar set is a popular choice among those who look for elegance but with the sustainability feature. It comes with an airtight wooden lid that will keep your snacks and other edible items fresh. The pair will enhance the appeal of the kitchen with its distinctive looks. What’s more amazing about this item is that you can also carry it with you when on the go. Keep it close to your workstation, or on the dining table, it will offer you convenience and style. 

Sienna Terracotta Jar With Wooden Lid

terracotta jar
Sienna terracotta jar with wooden lid

Many want to follow the sustainable way of living, but they also wish to pass on the message. If you are shy and can’t say much to convince someone, the best way is to show them. Practical knowledge has a stronger impact. When you serve snacks and nibbles from your sienna terracotta jar with a wooden lid, other people are sure to notice. As terracotta is the biggest trend of the year, use it to make an impression without straying away from your path towards sustainability. 

Rice Storage Barrel With Wooden Lid

grain barrel
Rice storage barrel with wooden lid

Rice is an essential part of our meal and is used to make various dishes. However, taking out rice every time from its original packaging or polythene bag can be a troublesome task. There is a risk of spillage or contamination. So, the best way to make your everyday cooking easier is with this food-safe rice storage barrel with a wooden lid. It is the perfect way of storing grains and pulses as it reduces the chance of spoilage. The minimalistic design will offer your kitchen versatility and elegance. The barrel can store up to 5 kg of rice and keeps it fresh.

Twain Glass Jar With Wooden Bowl (Small)

glass jar with bowl
Twain glass jar with wooden bowl (small)

Every household needs jars to hold various things such as sugar, tea, coffee, pulses, snacks and more. However, there is also a requirement of bowls from which nibbles can be served or consumed. If you are on the path towards sustainability, you have to embrace a minimalistic approach. If you live alone or have fewer members in the family, you can conveniently get by the day with fewer kitchenware organizers. So, instead of investing in jars and bowls separately, choose a twain glass jar with a wooden bowl (small). Store your nibbles, and whenever you are in the mood to enjoy some, pour it in the wooden bowl lid. 

Twigy Frosted Glass Jar With Wooden Lid (Short)

frosted jar
Twigy frosted glass jar with wooden lid (short)

Natural elements always attract and fill individuals with awe. It is why many prefer to bring home jars and homeware items that have a hint of nature. Whether it is the material, motifs or paint, it is all alluring. If you are also one such soul, then you will particularly like a twigy frosted glass jar with a wooden lid (short). The frosted glass jar has a clear leaves pattern. The beauty of the container gets a notch higher with the deer head resting on the lid. No matter where you place it, the jars will receive many compliments. Furthermore, glass is a sustainable material and food safe. You can store your everyday kitchen ingredients in it without any worries. 

Grain Storage Barrel With Wooden Lid

grain barrel
Grain storage barrel with wooden lid

When you have a smartly designed kitchen area, any conventional item placed in plain sight will take away its charm. A beautiful space looks even better when it is stocked with the most appropriate and elegant items. So, it is time to give your revamped kitchenette a stylish addition with a grain storage barrel with a wooden lid. It can store 5 kg of your favourite grains like Attas, quinoa, etc. With a pretty barrel like this, you can keep it on the shelf or the cooking counter. Its sophisticated appeal and wooden lid on the top attracts eyes.

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