Food is vital for our survival. It gives us energy and good health. So, when a meal is prepared, a lot of parameters are kept in mind. Firstly, the dish should be delicious. It should also be healthy and, not to forget, safe for consumption. However, it is not our way of cooking that makes food unsafe. It is the utensils that we cook and serve them in. When preparing a meal for yourself and your loved ones, you choose the best ingredients and cookware but often overlook the serveware. We mindlessly select a product based on its look, not thinking about the material it is made from and other properties. Ellementry, a lifestyle brand of handcrafted homeware, offers you products that look good and do good. They understand that food safety starts in the kitchen. The kitchenware, tableware and serveware items that you explore here and on the website are crafted keeping food safety in mind.

mango wood bowl

Listed below are some points that Ellementry abides by when handcrafting their products.

Products made from ceramic are coated with food-safe glazing.

Wooden items come with a protective food-safe coating that makes your dish safe to eat, and the lustrous sheen keeps the product new for a very long time.

If you think twice before buying metalware, Ellementry takes that worry away by powder coating metal merchandise that keeps rust at bay.

You may explore some products you can bring home and give your kitchen and dinner table a food-safe environment.

Twiggy Chopping Board Set Of 2 With Marble Stand

chopping board with marble stand
Twiggy chopping board set of 2 with marble stand

Before you start cooking, you will need to chop the vegetables. If you have been doing it on the kitchen slab, then it is time to give your cooking skills a little makeover with a twiggy chopping board set of 2 with a marble stand. Made from mango wood, it is 100% food safe. The leaf pattern on the board is handcrafted, and it aptly meets form and function. When you are not using it, place the chopping board on its stunning marble stand. It will be much convenient to manage things around the kitchen.

Sienna Terracotta Bowl

terracotta bowl
Sienna terracotta bowl

If you love to eat various items at regular intervals but aiming to control the portions, then you must have a sienna terracotta bowl in your cooking area. Pour the dish of snack of your liking into it and enjoy.  If you are in the mood to bake a dessert, this bowl will come in handy in that pursuit too.

In Teak Wooden Chakla Belan With Stand- Small

You must have seen and used marble chakla belan, but it is the wooden one gaining popularity. The ‘In Teak’ Wooden Chakla Belan is ideal for perfectly round chapattis. An ode to the traditional chakla belan, it’ll surely make grandma proud. The In Teak Wooden Belan is a classic performer. Ergonomically crafted, it gives a smooth rolling action, and the stand gives it somewhere to be when not in use. Whether you wish to make round chapatis, parantha, or anything else, you can conveniently use this teak wood chakla belan.

Midnight Mango Wood Bowl

mango wood bowl
Midnight mango wood bowl

Are you eating healthy to keep your body in its best shape? Then salads must be an important part of your meal. Take your healthy eating a notch up with a midnight mango wood bowl. When you prepare any salad in this bowl, it will be perfectly safe to consume. The look of the product is such that it blends with your everyday lifestyle.

Frangipani Glass Cloche With Wooden Platter

cloche with platter
Frangipani glass cloche with wooden platter

You may invite friends and serve them a moist cake or delicious delicacies in this frangipani glass cloche with the wooden platter. The glass cloche will keep the food safe and clean. The attached wooden platter works great for serving. Your guests will certainly be impressed with this kind of serving.

Fiore Ceramic Chip-N-Dip

chip and dip
Fiore ceramic chip-n-dip

If you are planning for a movie marathon, you must stay prepared with snacks to enjoy the movie without getting up in between. Spread nachos or chips in this fiore ceramic chip-n-dip and fill the bowl with your favourite dip. No matter what kind of dip you prefer, it will be safe to consume in this ceramic bowl.

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