With summer being a season of vacations and reunions, visiting loved ones presents an ideal opportunity to share these personalised, functional, and sustainable gifts. It allows us to strengthen bonds, create new memories, and show our appreciation for the special people in our lives. Gifting is a beautiful expression of thoughtfulness that can truly be personal and meaningful. It goes beyond mere material exchange, encompassing emotions, memories, and relationships. They can be objects that not only serve a purpose but also bring joy and beauty to everyday life. 

Gift them your time and more

On most days, we keep looking at the time so that we aren’t late or are just waiting for the food to be ready. Let this inlak clock be a piece of art rather than just a tool to tell us time. This wooden clock has an intricate metal pattern. A perfect example of metal inlay and wood, it fits rooms with dark as well as light interiors. Hence, this clock is a great gift for someone who has recently bought a new home or for someone who loves sustainable, functional, and handcrafted gifts.

inlak clock - large
inlak clock – large

Make tea-time more memorable

Summer vacations are about spending time with people we love and visiting friends or family. It can be just staying at home and cooking together, playing games, watching films, or just having long nostalgic conversations. And these relaxing breaks seem incomplete without a cup of tea or coffee beside you. These mugs from the saan collection are nothing like what you own. These are inspired by the textiles and clear blue skies in summer; they are perfect for a couple on their anniversary or for your old uncle and aunt, who always welcome you into their home. 

saan ceramic mug set of 2
saan ceramic mug set of 2

To store and share your personal favourites

Get creative with gifting; if you love giving completely functional gifts, then these awa jars are a great option. You can pair them together or pick either of the sizes. The ribbed jars remind you of all the times you were told to never give anything empty, so we often added chocolates, cookies, sweets, or snacks in the jars before gifting someone as a practice of gratitude and to add personal touches. 

awa ribbed glass jar - small
awa ribbed glass jar – small

For the ones who love baking or want to start baking

Imagine unwrapping a beautifully wrapped ceramic baking dish at a family gathering. This ceramic baking dish is a thoughtful gift because it allows you to butter it up and create mouthwatering quiches, fruit tarts, lasagna, pizza, or pasta straight from the oven. Not only does it serve as a perfect tool for cooking, but its elegant design also makes it a stunning serveware piece for any dining table. This suits a beginner who wants to explore baking or someone who always pampers you with their flawless baked recipes.

butter-up ceramic baking dish
butter-up ceramic baking dish

Gifts can be both good looking and functional, combining aesthetic appeal with practicality. Shop these and more from our website.

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