Getting enough water every day is crucial for your body. It is necessary for survival. Consuming the optimum amount of water can prevent dehydration, keep your skin nourished, aids in digestion and maintain your body temperature. There are many more advantages that one is not aware of. Doctors advise having at least 8 glasses of water every day. But, the irony is an average person doesn’t even drink half of how much water he is supposed to have. The reason is that people feel lazy to get a glass of water. Ellementry has a solution with beautiful and sustainable water bottles and jugs.

glass carafe
fryst glass carafe with wooden lid

Trying to cover the optimum water intake can be monotonous and repetitive. To be honest, it is a little torturous too. But there are a few simple tricks that will make this activity fun for you. ellementry has given you a few drinking tips to maintain the water level in your body:

Add flavour to your pitcher water

jove blue glass tumbler set of 2 (tall)
jove blue glass tumbler set of 2 (tall)

Keeping a pitcher nearby is one of the easiest ways of consuming water throughout the day. You can add a little taste of the excitement to it with mint, ginger, lemon and cucumber. Let the ingredients be in the pitcher for a while, and every cup will be tastier than before.

Schedule your water intake

Make your habit of drinking a glass of water after every bathroom break. It is one way of building your healthy custom into your everyday routine. See, you will be already getting up, so why not stop by the kitchen or panty at the office to have a glass of water? The more you will drink water, the more you will have to go to the bathroom, which means you will drink more water and so on. You will develop a cycle in a way.

Carry a water bottle along

glass water bottle
drop glass water bottle with ceramic stopper

Hands down, this is the best way to drink water without any extra effort. Remember how your mother used to give you a water bottle for school. Repeat the history and get yourself a nice water bottle. Make sure you get the one that would be appropriate to carry every place like your office, car, or meetings.

Get a Jug

matt silver water jug

When you are at home, you mostly ask someone else to get you a glass of water. You do this because you are too lazy to get up from your comfortable spot. We have got an idea for you. Fill a jug and keep it beside you with a mug or a glass. This way, whenever you will feel thirsty you can have water without having to move.

Have a look at some of the bottles and jugs by ellementry that will help you drink water all day long in a style and eco-friendly way.

Bubbles glass water bottle with wooden stopper

bubble glass bottle

As we said, using a water bottle throughout the day is a convenient way to track your water intake. Try using this bubbles glass water bottle. The shape and size are perfect to carry everywhere anytime. It comes with a wooden stopper. You do not have to worry about spills as the stopper is airtight. The design is different from what people usually use as their regular water bottles as it is made from glass and is stunning in every way.

Drink more glass water bottle

glass bottle with tumbler
Drink more glass water bottle 

How fascinating it is that your bottle itself is there to remind you to drink water? Wondering where you can find one? Here it is. The bottle has drunk more water engraved on it. Every time you will look at it, you will be reminded of your water intake time. Do not delay and get it right now.

Terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper

Terracotta bottle with wooden lid

If you are the one who likes to have everything extra-ordinary and different from the others, then this product is for you. The terracotta water bottle would be a treat from ellementry this coming summer. Consider it a matka-on-the-go. While retaining the natural cooling of good Indian clay, it is handcrafted to blend into your modern lifestyle effortlessly.

Drop glass water bottle with a ceramic stopper

This glass water bottle is ergonomically designed to fit snugly into your hands. It comes with a beautifully hand-glazed ceramic stopper that seals your water in. Fit it in your backpacks or carry them in your hands, it is perfect for every way.

Do not forget to drink water as ellementry and its products will remind you every time. 

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