The last few months have been hard for the entire world. There is nothing better than spending life with loved ones is a major takeaway from these times. Things have started to get normal once again, but there is still some time for you to cherish the life we have just like the good old days. Meanwhile, there is no harm in planning for the small intimate party. Gather some of your closest friends and laugh your heart out over drinks. These times may have been tough for all, but they have definitely taught mankind to cherish what may come. Celebrate with Ellementry as it has some eye-pleasing barware that will embellish your cocktail party with elegance and style.

It is the festive season in India. These are the days when people like to celebrate with family. The festive atmosphere brings in so much positivity and joy with it that people tend to forget all their worries for some time. The one thing about bad times is that people celebrate good times even harder. Maybe that’s the reason they come so that we can enjoy the feeling of togetherness . This year festivals are extra special. Mankind needs them more than ever. Let’s celebrate them by organizing an intimate cocktail party at home.

ceramic bottle stopper
Head(y) ceramic bottle stopper set of two

These bottle stoppers are perfectto keep the fizz intact and retain the zing in the wine bottles. Once the wine is over, they can be used to adorn the everyday glass bottles.

If you do not have one, do not worry homeware brands like Ellementry will come to your rescue. Along with safeguarding lives, the past year has also given a lesson on safeguarding nature. It is the moral duty of every individual to take a green approach for every action. Give your cocktail party nature’s touch.

The aesthetic and gorgeous barware sets by Ellementry are all made from sustainable material. This means along with having a great time, your party would be doing well for nature as well. Not only each item by the brand is nature-friendly, but it is also unique. They are so stunning that complements wouldn’t stop coming till the end of the party.

Are you ready to rock your cocktail party with the glitter of sustainability? If yes, then here are some barware that you might want to use to show your hospitality:

Sienna terracotta bottle cooler

Sienna bottle cooler

Who drinks flat wine? No one, for sure. It would be a big disappointment if your drink wouldn’t be cool enough to refresh their soul in the first sip. Do not let it happen, and bring this sienna terracotta bottle cooler to your party. Keep your bottle in it along with ice. The terracotta will ensure it remains cold because of its retention property. Stating the obvious, but the bottle cooler will add class to your party. Its minimalist look is enough to catch everyone’s attention.

Fryst wooden bottle cooler glass inserts

Fryst wooden bottle cooler with glass insert

This wine cooler bucket is best for all kinds of special occasions. You can also say that its mere presence is enough to make any ordinary sitting a special one. Keep your exquisite wine or drinks in this wooden wine chiller which you can coordinate with an ice bucket.

Sienna terracotta nibble nut bowl

A drink is incomplete without snacks. Some crunchy nibbles serve the best for this purpose. But, how do you propose to serve them to your guests? In ordinary bowls? That would never go with your style and might make a bad impression. If you are organizing a cocktail party after a long time, you must do it right. Serve them their favourite snack in this sienna terracotta nibble nut bowl. Let them enjoy the munching nuts or nibbles in this culturally rooted terracotta sienna nibble nut bowl.

Matt silver metal wine cooler with handle

If you are a person of impeccable taste, this matt silver metal wine cooler will not disappoint you. Not only it serves its conventional purpose immensely well, but it also adds the element of sophistication to the table. The product packs clean lines and a straightforward function into a contemporary design.

If you are a person of impeccable taste, then these barware collections will not disappoint you. One look and you will want to have them at your home in no time. Visit to explore more options.


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