Father’s Day is just around the corner, so it is time to choose something meaningful, useful, and beautiful. But with ellementry, it is also sustainable and handcrafted. All the deep conversations with your father, the times he has taught you skills and things that nobody would, let’s remember the timeless beauty in all of it. 

What look good does good when it’s ecomix

gaiyo vase - short
gaiyo vase – short

From a young age, we learn the values of giving back and sharing by observing our fathers, who prioritise our wants over their own needs. The ecomix decor pieces from the gaiyo collection beautifully exemplify art and function, with candle holders, bowls, and mirrors that are perfect for home or office use. What makes them truly special is that they are crafted from paper waste generated in our offices and factories, offering a revived and elemental take on paper-mache art. Additionally, the ecomix faces, available in white and black, symbolise mindfulness and thoughtful behaviour, seamlessly blending with any interior decor, making them both visually appealing and meaningful gifts.

firm face ecomix sculpture - white
firm face ecomix sculpture – white

Cheers to all your accomplishments with this wooden ice bucket

In our households, celebrations often involve a fusion of flavours, aromas, and laughter. The clinking of glasses filled with refreshing drinks, whether it’s a traditional healthy juice or a contemporary mocktail, signifies the spirit of celebration and togetherness. An ice bucket has the power to create new memories, be it opening a new bottle to celebrate or revisiting some old memories while having your drink be cool. Whether it’s a cosy evening at home, an outdoor barbecue, or a festive gathering, this gift encourages you and your father to continue celebrating life’s joys together.

The notice board and clock here to not miss anything important from your father

The notice board becomes a visual reminder and a canvas for our thoughts and plans. Whether it’s a heartfelt note from our fathers, a to-do list, or a cherished photograph, it acts as a constant presence, keeping us connected to what truly matters. From waking up in the morning to being on time for family gatherings, the clock stands as a symbol of punctuality and respect for our commitments. Its presence on the wall serves as a gentle nudge, encouraging us to prioritise our time wisely and cherish the moments shared with our fathers.

in time notice board with clock & shelf
in time notice board with clock & shelf

To more relaxing moments brewed along side the livada mugs set of 2

Be it a special occasion like Father’s Day or just a regular day, some moments are considered golden due to their simplicity. From mornings with freshly brewed coffee or tea and a newspaper alongside to evenings where slow music or dinner prep is done with the same cup, create the magic in mundane moments with your father. A set of two livada mugs might help you discuss your day or just sit there and enjoy perfect silence. Embrace the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and create humorous memories during those precious evenings spent with your father. It is within these moments that true connections are forged and cherished for a lifetime.

livada black ceramic mug set of 2
livada black ceramic mug set of 2

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