The aroma of a freshly baked cake awakens the soul. The festive season is just around the corner. How about serving your guests with a piece of soft, creamy cake? They are going to love it. Or you can pack it for them as a token of love when they are about to leave. Buying a cake from a bakery is always an option, but making it at home has its own magic. Not everyone hones this skill. This festive season surprises everyone with your exceptional baking skill by presenting them with a beautifully decorated cake with Ellementry serveware.

brass cake server

Baking a cake is not that difficult. Eggs/condensed milk, flour, chocolate (for chocolate cake) are the required ingredients, but the truth is a cake tastes even better when made with love and passion. Practically a cake is a type of bread. But for people, especially Indians, it is a way of expressing happiness and joy with loved ones. No happy occasion here is said to be completed without a cake.

Cake has always been a food of celebration, friendship, sharing joy, and even bidding goodbyes. It is served at birthday parties, weddings, and almost at every place where there is a reason for happiness. Over time they have changed their shapes and sizes. If not a full-sized cake, one can enjoy the same taste in form of cupcakes and brownies served elegantly on a platter or kept inside a cloche.

Baking is a creative job. Just like musicians and artists, bakers also enjoy the creation of their beautiful creative edible craft. It is said that magic happens when bakers enter the kitchen. The statement stands 100% true when the outcome is delicious cake served fresh on beautiful cakestand. For some people, baking a cake is a form of stress buster and self-expression. It is their vision and outlook that takes interesting shapes. After a tedious day, baking has the power to make one feel relaxed and unwind all the stress. Baking a cake for many is a feeling of creative freedom that makes them feel that energized and fulfilled.

Some fancy cake servers might help you spread happiness more powerfully. Have a look at these

Sophiya cake server set of 2

sophiya cake server
sophiya cake server set of 2

It often happens that cakes look out of the world but, cutlery used to cut & serve it disappoints. You might think that no one cares how and from which spoon type the slice is served. But, to your surprise, people actually care. Bring home this elegant looking Sophiya cake server. Cut a slice and serve in style using this product by Ellementry. The cutlery set will help you make a good impression in front of your guests.

Mango cake server bird natural

wood cake server
mango cake server bird natural

For some people, unique and antique looking things work. You must have seen cake servers made of silver or brass, but this would be the first time you will have a cake server made from natural mango wood. Yes, it is true. This mango cake server is crafted from natural wood. The product is for those who like to do everything differently. The shape of a bird at the centre is truly a centre of attraction of this spoon. Anyone who will look at it will be awe-struck.

Enigma rose gold cake set of 2

rose gold cake server
enigma rose gold cake set of two

If the colour of everything around matters to you the most, then this enigma rose set will not disappoint you for sure. The product brings the element of royalty to the table. Not everyone has rose gold cutlery at home. Give your sweet feat a royal & healthy touch with this handcrafted cake server set. Its stainless steel makes it sturdy and stylish.

Aura gold cake set of two

brass cake server
aura gold cake set of two

Gold is the most desirable colour. The colour embodies luxury, which is 100% reflected in this aura gold cake server set by Ellementry.

All these cake servers by Ellementry are friendly to nature as well as to your pocket. Get them now and add them to your bakeware collection.

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