Summers are a great time to eat and socialize. It is the season when an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables are available. They can be either enjoyed raw or barbecued, but the best way to try them is in the form of salad.

People eat unhealthy and oily things often and also consume a lot of refined sugar. Such food choices only lead to poor health and various other health issues. So, one should make most of the gifts given by nature and use those in daily routine.

It is quite understandable that not everyone is keen on consuming salad regularly. Many individuals search for motivation to include greens in their daily diet. If you are looking for some source of inspiration, Ellementry can be of great assistance. Wondering how?

The brand has top of the line kitchenware and serveware items that you can use to make and serve leafy greens. From bowls to spoons, you can buy it all under one roof. The best part is every product is handcrafted and functional art.

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When you have the listed below salad set in your kitchen, you would not be able to stop yourself from making some delicacies that tingle your taste buds and benefits your health. 

In Teak Wooden Salad Bowl

You must have seen an array of conventional salad bowl in the market. But if you want to elevate your experience and keep the strike going on for healthy eating, you need to choose tableware bowls worthy of your efforts.

In teak wooden salad bowl is stunning and perfect for all kinds of fruits and veggies. Made from teak wood, it has an earthen feeling. It will also complement the dinner table arrangement, impressing your family and guests. You can use it throughout the year, and the bowl will retain its beauty for years together. 

Fleur D’or Wooden Salad Bowl

Whether you like to make a salad with all the right condiments and flavours or prefer displaying the season’s fresh produce, fleur d’or wooden salad bowl will serve the purpose efficiently.

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The hand-painted flowers give it a pleasant summer vibe, and the wooden colour will gel well with your existing decoration. The material mango wood will not temper the taste of the fruits or vegetables. 

Mango Salad Spoon Natural

Now, when you prepare a salad for friends or family, you can use any type of spoon you wish to. But when it comes to serving, your conventional ladle will not work. It will be a misfit! What you need is the appropriate spoons for the task.

Invest in a mango salad spoon natural to add a little oomph to your serving. The cute little dollops will add to the vibe and make serving more fun. Your guests will love to take turns using this serving spoon set

Zest Wooden Salad Bowl Set Of 2 With Server & Lid

A complete experience comes from a complete set that includes not just the bowl, but also the server and a lid. This is what you get here, with this item! The mango wood reflects its incredible beauty, and the lid has space to set the servers.

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You can make a salad and cover it to be consumed later on. If you have company over, set it on the table, and people would be in awe of it. Your serving will be on point and get a lot of appreciation. 

Sheesham Salad Spoon

Make your salad spread a statement with a Sheesham salad spoon. The wooden serve complements mango wood and ceramic bowls brilliantly. They are petite and versatile, fitting in small areas.

You would not have to worry about storing them, and cleaning is also convenient. All you need to keep in mind is to avoid deep soaks and abrasion to maintain their beauty. 

Ellementry has the best salad sets for you that will complement your home and your health. You will be delighted to use these items every day.

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