A cup of steamy hot tea is a magical beverage that brings people together. As the aroma takes over the air of the place, endless conversations brew till the last sip. It is a highly loved drink that brings people together, restores the body and relaxes a person’s mind and soul.

The beverage has been around for centuries and is savoured in all corner of the world. Of course, the taste and flavours are different. Brew and relish the taste of the tea in the handmade, sustainable cups from Ellementry, as it relaxes your mental chaos from the first sip.

In India, tea is usually consumed twice a day; in the morning at the breakfast table and in the evening with light snacks. Indians are immensely fond of it. Tea is more than a drink in the country.

Sometimes it is a way to celebrate, while often, it is an excuse to invite some friends over for regular chit chat. Somewhere it is an energy drink, while at some places, it is a necessity. It is a deliciously important part of life, so each household has its ritual.

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Create your ritual if you do not have one using the following tips:

  • Free up space in the house where you can sit and enjoy your cup of tea at peace. Make sure the place is uninterrupted and within no reach of any possible disruption. It will help you to get into a routine. Set a time. You don’t have to be hard on yourself while deciding the duration. Be unapologetic about it even if you want to have 45 minutes. Be comfortable.
  • Now that you have cleared up your corner set the mood for the routine. You can do it in several ways. Read your favourite magazine or a poem. Play your favourite playlist. Light candle or incense stick and focus your energy on positivity while sipping from your cup.
  • You can also indulge yourself in a fun activity. E.g. you can do a little gardening, colour your pots, write your journal, or just meditate. Do whatever you feel like doing. It should come from within the soul. There is no compulsion.
  • Always end your ritual on a positive note. Now that you have spent quality time with yourself, it’s time to head back to your routine jobs. Close your tea ritual with gratitude in your heart and positivity in mind.

It is your ritual. Plan it the way you like. But make sure it must support you, nourish your thoughts, and make you feel happy, healthy, and whole. To do it nicely, you will need a couple of serveware that can help you follow your routine ritual.

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Take a look at a few of them by Ellementry. They will also soothe your ritual ambience, and they are perfect decor items for your kitchen as well.

Aqua rustic ceramic teacup saucer

If the prime reason for creating a tea ritual is meditation, then what is better than using a cup that helps. The soft colour of the cup will only enhance your power to focus on solitude. Serve yourself a strong, aromatic tea in the aqua rustic ceramic teacup saucer as the tone blends with the hints of earthiness. You can pair it with complementary pieces of this collection to complete the entire table decor.

Neve sage teacup set of four (with lid)

If your routine includes a few of your loved ones, then serve and greet them in these beautiful set of teacups. These cups with a lid are also an ideal festive gifting idea for your tea lover friends. You can use their lids as coasters too.

Tea amore gift box set orange (one box, two brass teabag rests & one brass teaspoon)

If you are a fan of different flavours of tea, then store your precious tea bags in this handcrafted wooden box. The box is lacquered beautifully, which adds a pleasing gloss and gives a durable seal protecting it from the inside out. Feel free to gift it to someone who is a tea connoisseur or a tea lover.

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Savour mint eucalyptus natural soy wax filled a glass jar with 2 green teacups

The gift box comes with two green teacups. If you are diet conscious and love to have green tea every morning, then this product is made just for you. Enjoy the sweet fragrance while having green tea in your comfort zone alone or with your loved ones.

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