It is officially the wedding season in India. In the next two months, you all are going to attend a plethora of weddings. So, we hope you have your outfits ready for the functions. As per, Hindu tradition, as a token of luck and best wishes, the newlyweds are given a “shagun.” It could be some amount of money in a beautiful envelope or a piece of gift that will serve them for years to come. One is expected to go with something special for the couple. Get the perfect wedding gift for the couple by ellementry. 

Whether you are invited to all the functions or just the reception in your hometown, giving a gift is a matter of etiquette. But, coming up with the perfect wedding gift is not easy. If you think about it, no two individuals like the same thing. So, you have to get something that both will like. Select the gift that serves the need of both individuals equally. Honestly, there is no rule. If you’re stuck wondering what to do, trust your gut. In the end, it all comes down to what you give with feeling and heart. 

Here are some gifts options by ellementry that the couple will treasure forever:

Personalised gifts:

Personalised gifts have pretty much taken over the wedding gift market. Such gifts add a dash of personal touch. It makes the recipient feel that he/she means something to you. A personalised gift is a great way to express your love and affection to your loved ones. What else could be better than gifting a gift that came straight from the heart for the couple’s new beginnings?


This is one of the best options for wedding gifts. New beginnings of life must be accompanied by new things. New home, new linen, new clothes and new kitchenwareThese stay with the couple for several years.

Here are some options that you may consider presenting to the new couple:

Marble cake stand

Marble cake stand
Marble cake stand

May the life of the newlywed be filled with sweetness. Make sure your gift fills them with joy and love every time they use it. The baker bride will love it the most. Preparing something sweet for the in-laws is the first thing that a new bride is supposed to make on the first day. This marble cake stand will provide a suitable platform for sweet muffins. Wouldn’t it be perfect to form a pleasing first impression on the first day?

Minikin accent set of 2

The accent set will be perfect for the couple who plans to shift to their place after the wedding. Every couple dreams of the perfect home. Bride exclusively plans the décor of her new house. Select the gift that contributes to their dream of having perfect interior décor. The manikin accent set will look just lovely on the cabinet. Elephants are the symbol of strength, family and patience. It is the best gifting idea for the wedding couple.

Midnight terracotta vase (tall)

midnight terracotta vase (tall)

Plants add a lively spirit to the ambience. They spread positivity all around. It is the best gift. It will enhance their home’s décor effortlessly. The fact that this vase is made from natural material makes it more beautiful. What else could be the perfect gift for a nature-loving friend?

Rustic silver metal wall art-small

The piece is stunning. Someone who has an eye for art will understand its beauty at first look. The product will look beautiful on the wall behind or in front of the dining table. One can also put it up in the living room. Consider the wall as the canvas and hang this rustic silver metal wall art. It is perfect for those who believe in making a statement even with the simplest of things.

Wrap the perfect gift by ellementry along with your warm wishes for the newlywed. Let their bond bloom in the presence of sustainable art of ellementry.

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