A conversation about storage bins is probably the best thing for a person with organisational skills. You must have seen some people getting excited over re-organising a closet or kitchen shelves. It is like their favourite pastime. It doesn’t come as a shock because have you seen the storage bins lately. They are beautiful. Some of them are even eco-friendly. The design and material are so fancy that they even act as a piece of décor in the kitchen or pantry. The place looks so good with clean, new and shiny storage containers. Get some really cool storage bins for your kitchen from a new age brand like Ellementry.

grain barrel

Storage containers are used everywhere- at homes, offices, in stores. You even take them along while travelling. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours. There is a purpose behind every feature, including its design. It has been given to it to keep your food in good condition for a longer time period. 

Whenever you go out for grocery shopping, your goal is to pick healthy, fresh and green vegetables. But, how many times have you given thought about how healthy your storage containers are for your food items? Don’t you think that is also important? Food can only make you fit when it remains healthy inside its storage bin. 

So how to decide which container is right for your food items? Check for the below-mentioned points whenever you go for kitchenware shopping next:


This is the point you must ask for. What is the point of spending so much money on storage containers when they aren’t going to last for long? The good news is the majority of containers are designed to be highly durable and functional.

Air Tight

There are some items like cookies, cereals, and lentils that go bad because of moisture and air. To prevent this from happening, ensure the containers you are buying have an air-tight lid. It helps to keep air, moisture, and harmful bacteria out from coming in contact with the item inside the box. The lesser quantity of oxygen your food gets, the longer it will stay fresh and crisp.


Consider this the most crucial point to ponder upon while buying storage bins. Not all storage bins are safe for food items. Material of some cans harms the quality of food items. Always go for the one that is made from environmentally sound material.

If you consider these 3 points before getting the containers for your kitchen, you can never go wrong. Here are the storage bins by ellementry that rule every heart.

Eggshell metal onion storage bin with wooden lid

Eggshell metal onion storage bin with wooden lid
Eggshell metal onion storage bin with wooden lid

How many times have you seen houses with storage bins dedicated to one vegetable? Not many times, right! Because this doesn’t happen that often. It is something that only people with elegant taste does. The colour beige oozes class, while the size is perfect to store a dozen of onions. The eggshell metal onion storage bin with a wooden lid will sit well in your cabinet and will surely uplift your storage game.

Canny garlic storage barrel with wooden lid

Canny Garlic storage bin
canny garlic storage bin

Garlic cloves are small in size. They tend to spread here and there if not stored properly. The beautiful canister by ellementry holds garlic like a charm. It has holes at the bottom to provide air with a clear passage. This design keeps the garlic fresh for a more extended period. No more hassle to keep the cloves in place. Store them in this eye-pleasing storage bin. It will fit in your cabinet perfectly.

Canny potato storage barrel with wooden lid

canny potato storage barrel with wooden lid
canny potato storage barrel with wooden lid

Potatoes are the most cooked vegetable in Indian households. Something that comes in large quantities must be kept in a safe place so that it doesn’t go bad. Keep all your potatoes in this trending can by ellementry. When kept open, potatoes come in contact with water and dirt. It will help you to stop them from rotting. There is a design in the middle that makes it more happening and loveable.

Grain storage barrel with wooden lid

grain storage barrel with wooden lid                     grain storage barrel with wooden lid

Like every Indian household, do you also store your grain in gunny bags? If yes, then you must stop now. It is the reason why your home is also home to rodents. Now is the time to keep your grain safe inside this barrel.

All the canisters by ellementry are safe for food and are made from 100% eco-friendly material.

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