We are living in times where routine work does not help. People expect smart work which saves energy, money, and time. To match with the world’s pace, you need to upgrade yourself. Let’s begin from home. Look around you. Did you see something that is meant for one purpose but is capable of doing so much more? If you observe, you will notice you are surrounded by such things. These items are no less than a blessing for a homemaker. ellementry understands their importance. It is the reason why the brand has designed several multi-purpose kitchenware and décor products to make your life simpler. 

Why should one prefer multi-purpose homeware?

The answer to the question is pretty simple; to help nature. Land, water, air pollution is rising at an alarming rate. Your multi-purpose product helps in reducing the carbon footprint. Plus they also help you maintain a green daily routine. Multi-purpose items are a great way to reduce waste on the planet. It reduces the use of non-biodegradable products responsible for tainting our land with harmful chemicals. 

Anyways who needs three different space-occupying items when one product can perform all that?

Multi-purpose items not only make your life easy but also have planet-friendly benefits too. ellementry has beautiful and 100% sustainable products that you can use in astonishingly different ways. Have a look at a few of them below:

Carbon cutlery holder with spoon rest

Usually, a cutlery holder is seen either on the dining table or in the kitchen. But have you ever seen one on someone’s work desk and in the powder room? The carbon cutlery stand will serve your never-imagined purpose. Other than keeping all your spoons and forks in it, keep your stationery in the product. The cutlery stand will become a stationary stand in a blink. Or fill it with a comb, toothpaste, brush, mouth wash, tissues and keep it in the powder room. The stand will amaze you in any way.

Sous chef multi-utility platter 

Sue chef multi-utility platter

Whether you are a beginner and learning how to cook or you are helping your mother in the preparation of food, ellementry’s sous chef multi utility platter will be there to help. It is what will help you cook like a pro. You can chop on this tray and keep all the ingredients ready for quick functioning. If you think about it, you can even use it as a cheeseboard as well. It is the official party season. The platter has 7-sections. You can keep cheese in one, crackers in second, and strawberries in third and so on. Serve it to the guests, and they will be impressed.

Work eat & repeat table 

Work eat & repeat table

Use this breakfast bed table to present yourself with a wholesome breakfast with a whole lot of comfort in bed. Since many of you are still working from home, keep your laptop on one side and breakfast on the other. This handmade table is a perfect combination of form and functionality. 

Rose patchouli natural soy wax terracotta box with wooden lid

rose patchouli natural soy wax terracotta box with wooden lid (4 wick)

The terracotta box is full of 100% sustainable candle wax that provides a non-toxic burn. After the candle is over, you can use the box for storage purposes.

Twine wire bread box

Store your loaves of bread or buns in this handy Twine wire bread box. Keep them fresh while wrapped in the napkin. The wooden lid of this box is multi-functional as it can also be used to slice the loaf.

ellementry has many such products that will help differently. Have a look at them at ellementry.com 

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