A hot drink works nothing less than an elixir for the body in winters. It keeps you warm, refreshes you and gives you instant energy. Every hot beverage taken during winters calms the shivering senses and makes one feel relaxed and at ease. The winter season is about being warm and enjoying food and drinks. It is the season of doing whatever makes one feel warm and comforted. ellementry understands this and wants you to feel warm and comfortable all the time. Make your favourite beverage in ellementry cookware and snuggle the brand’s cup in your hands to feel the winters at its best. 

While most of you eat a lot during winters, you often forget to keep track of your liquid intake. People often go low on the liquids needed to beat the chilly winters. You must note winter beverages are not ordinary drinks. They are made from ingredients that not only keep you warm but also provide strength to beat all the winter diseases like cold, cough, fever and more. 

So, here we present the drinks that might make take you back in time. You may remember a few of them as your grandma’s healthy drink. 

Turmeric and honey mixed in warm skimmed milk

Your mother often offers you this drink when you have a cold. The drink is best to have right before you go to bed. It fights fatigue, kills all the bacteria and infections inside the body. If taken regularly, your immunity will be at its best. Turmeric is also good for the skin. Hence, this drink will make you glow.

Ginger tea

Who doesn’t like this drink? It is everyone’s go-to drink in winter. The ginger drink is that delightful drink that no one can get enough of. It is good to cure a cold and cough. Add some crushed fresh tulsi and cardamom in the mortar and pestle to the drink; your immunity will boost at a noticeable rate. 

Erebus marble mortar & pestle
Cumin water

Your digestion takes a major hit during winter. Cumin seeds available in your masala box, boil them in warm water, strain the seeds and drink that water to improve your digestion and metabolism. The drink also helps you have a good sleep.

Cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron and bishop weed in lukewarm water

It would not be wrong to call this drink a complete health package. The beverage is a mixture of all the crucial and immunity-boosting spices. It is a super-effective anti-oxidant and helps a person fight all infections. 

ellementry cares for you and want you safe during the winters. Make yourself any one of these drinks and remain fit all the time. Use ellementry’s product and make the best beverage for yourself:

Arra brass tea pan with wooden lid


Winter beverages, especially tea, are usually boiled in a pan. Tea brewed in our Arra brass tea pan is infused with flavours. The milk boiled in this brass tea pan before serving will retain its heat for an extended period. This handmade pot comes with a wooden handle and is an ideal addition to any kitchen. The pot is stunning to look at. It is both traditional and modern and a perfect addition to your antique kitchenware collection. 

Oro brass coffee mug

Oro brass coffee mug

Well, nothing can beat coffee in winters. The drink is a literal energy booster. It gives you the energy to get up and get ready in the morning and keeps you in good mood all day long. The drink is widely loved and appreciated for the adrenaline rush, it gives right after the first sip. The Oro brass mug is perfect to take the best winter beverage anytime you want. Use it at your home or take it to your office. The cup will amaze everyone at any place with its contemporary design. 

Duet Coffee mug set of two

Duet coffee mug set of 2

The beautiful mugs by ellementry is perfect to have a nice cup of morning ginger tea with your partner. Its colour contrast makes it more appealing in every way and adds to its charm. Start your morning with your favourite beverage in this gorgeous coffee mug set of two by ellementry. 

Quoise glass tumbler set of two

quoise glass tumbler set of 2

Let’s admit it, people. There are very few people who drink healthy drinks without throwing a tantrum. But, tantrum never works because no one can beat mothers. The least you can do is beautifully have the drink using a quoise glass tumbler set of two.

This winter, drink your beverage in style with ellementry and its sustainable products.

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