Living alone is the most exciting phase of one’s life. It is best described as carefree living where the zest for life is always at its peak. Those years are probably the best years of a person’s life. You have this energy and will to take over the world and achieve what you have ever dreamt of. The newfound freedom, determination to work hard and zeal to build a life of the dream is what singlehood is about. It is when you begin a new journey of your life. While some go out to become successful engineers or doctors, some decide to break the stereotype and become makeup artists, hairstylists and cooks. Ellementry cherishes this determination to change the world for the better. The brand itself has devoted its work towards the betterment of nature through its artistically homeware.

The newfound freedom is embellished with the new hood. Nowadays, moving out for better career opportunities is very common. Young single women move out of their homes to build a life for themselves. Years of hard work is manifested in a newly owned house. It feels special and proud to think that you have achieved something as big and as beautiful as a house of your own.

This calls for celebration. Throwing a housewarming party and calling all your friends over to celebrate will be perfect. If you are invited to one, what are you thinking to take along with you as a gift?

You must bring something thoughtful and something that your friend can use for years to come. The best housewarming gift for a single woman will be something that suits her personality and needs. Give her something that will turn her house into a home.

Here are some things that will help you bring a smile on your friend’s face on his housewarming:

Aqua rustic breakfast gift set

breakfast set
Aqua rustic breakfast gift set

Breakfast is an important meal of the day and time to sit with your partner or family and give a good start to your day. Moving in can be exhausting, and it is natural for people to skip their morning meals to set up things around the house. If you don’t want your dear friend to do that, gift her this savvy and handcrafted aqua rustic breakfast gift set. The tall coffee mug and bowl comes with wooden lids that also double as coasters. It is also ideal if someone wishes to enjoy solitary time in the company of good food.

Rustic silver metal wall art-small

wall art
Rustic silver metal wall art- small

What is better than an interior décor item as a gift for a newly owned home? If your friend has a fine taste in art, then she will appreciate this rustic silver metal art by Ellementry. It is a perfect gift for an art lover. Think about it. For someone who thinks of the entire world as a canvas, how much happy she will be to find something that will embellish his little own world. This rustic metal wall art is as calls as it is beautiful.

On-time notice board & clock

On time notice board & clock

Is your friend always late for everything? Does she forget to do important jobs of the day? Well, your gift might help her get on track. The on-time notice board & clock will tell her the right time for everything, and the notice board will help her remind all the chores for the day. Artistic and handcrafted, this wall clock will be a great addition to a newly-owned home. She can hang it up in the drawing or the kitchen. It will suit every place of the home.

Sienna terracotta baking dish

Baking Dish
Sienna terracotta baking dish

Does your friend like to bake? If yes, then gifting her terracotta baking dish would be suitable for the occasion. It will help her to bake the cheesiest and tastiest pasta of all time. Terracotta will distribute the heat evenly all over the surface, giving the dish the right texture and crispiness.

All the products by Ellementry are 100% natural and uniquely designed by true artists.

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