We all started our earliest classes of sprouting right in our schools. We all had few bean kernels kept in a jar, and all we had to do is to observe them closely. And of course. Within 2-3 days, we were blessed with little and very soft roots emerging from the kernels. Of course, the little green shoots were our reward, and that was our first lesson about sprouting. 

A large number of seeds like alfalfa, broccoli, cabbage, mung bean, and radish can be sprouted quickly. Even legumes can also be sprouted. Sprouting is an inexpensive process and quite time saving as well to derive the best nutrients and protein. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best Sprouters available in the market – 

  1. Tribest ‘a fresh life’ automatic sprouter – This is one of the best sprouters which can sprout your legumes and seeds all year long. You don’t have to do anything here, just put the water and seeds and put the system on “ON” mode and then your sprouts will be ready within a week. The automatic water system in this sprouter ensures that the seeds are properly hydrated. Thus, you don’t need to do anything here keep a closer look at the sprouts and check their growth. Also, the powerful motor and water performance will ensure that you get the best sprouting results irrespective of the size of the seeds. This sprouter does not need any soil as well. 
  1. Victorio 4 tray kitchen sprouter – This one is quite small in size, and thus it will easily fit almost anywhere. This sprouter works on the technique that you have to add a little water at the top, and it will gradually flow down, providing enough hydration to your seeds. And in case of excess water, you can easily collect it from the catchment area at the bottom. So, no water wastage that way. Plus, if you want to add more stacks at the top, then you can do the same. This is available up to 8 stacks. Plus, there is also a collectible container at the bottom which will ensure that you can easily collect the ready sprouts. 
  1. Easy sprout sprouter – This looks quite small and stylish. The appearance is just like a coffee cup, and then you can easily carry it when you are on the go. It works on the convection feature, which ensures that there is proper ventilation and humidity. Thus, this is one of the preferable sprouters in case of varied weather. This sprouter works on the principle of absorption of heat from the already growing sprouts which will in return give you sprouts. This is extremely durable and thus quite fit for traveling or when you are on short tours. This is just seven inches tall and therefore will easily fit inside your kitchen cupboards. 
  1. Handy pantry stackable sprout garden – This one has a lifetime warranty, and it works best on the countertops only. It has four different trays, and they are meant for sprouting and soaking the seeds. The process is quite simple here. Begin with soaking the seeds and then rinse them only once or twice. And finally, your sprouts will be ready within four days. This is stackable, and thus you will be able to add more trays into this sprouter. This sprouter is entirely dishwasher safe. 
  1. The biosta sprouter – This is one of the modern sprouters available for everyone. It comes in green cylindrical designs and is quite small as well. It is quite easy and convenient in terms of transportation, and it can easily be moved from one hand to another. Once your sprouts are ready, then you can take the top tray, cover it with the plastic container and then store the same inside the fridge. You can additionally use the sprout water as well to water your kitchen plants so that all the nutrients get passed on to other plants. 
  2. Multilevel clear sprouter – This is one of the most amazing sprouters which can be covered with mold at the top. It comes in different levels, and thus you can easily sprout a vast variety of seeds in one go. Here it would help if you watered them quite often because they tend to get heated quite often. You can also use sprinklers to wet them easily. This is quite preferable for colder conditions and with this kind of sprouter all the technique and minerals and retained in them. But remember that the water needs to be changed quite frequently here. 
  1. Sprout bag – One of the best ways of sprouting which is not only cost-effective but also quite convenient and handy as well. It works on the evaporative effect. But make sure that after watering the seeds in this kind of sprouter, you have a proper dripping area else the entire place can turn a bit messy. 
  2. Tube and glass jar – This is quite sophisticated. When you have holes at both ends, then it is easier to rinse and allows much better air inflow. It comes in different lid sizes, and it works much better in the colder conditions. Here also you need to find a place to drain. Otherwise, the area can be quite messy. 

Above given are some of the best sprouters, and we have demonstrated how they work. Let us know if you have used any of them in the comments down below. We would love to hear back from you.

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