Hand-pounding is one of the traditional methods of cooking. The practice is famous in Indian households. It helps to remove the outer layer of grains and crush spice and herbs by mortar and pestle. In early times, hand-pounding was limited to those who produced and sold grain in some way or the other. The popular practice made it to every household via small-sized mortar and pestle. 

Ellementry has an excellent collection of products, like masaladaani, pans and mortar and pestle. All of them help you store spices, pound them, and mix them in the recipe.

Spices are the secret behind the rich taste of Indian cuisine. Indian spices add aroma, colour and delightful flavour that you cannot get enough of. Aromatic spices can do it when they are hand-pounded in mortar and pestle. It is one of the simplest and most used tools in any culinary arsenal.

Are you wondering why it is still preferred when electronic blender and pounding machines are available?

There is an advantage of hand-pounding in mortar and pestle. Hand-pounding adds authentic flavour to the dishes. Here is how

Taste – It is the foremost reason to have a mortar and pestle at home. The hard outer layer of spices breaks after continuous squashing and pounding, releasing their natural oil and aroma. It is simple to understand; Mortar and pestle crush the spices while an electric blender cuts them. For their raw oil and fragrance, you have to crush them. 

nut bowl
Black masala wooden nut bowl- large & small

Control– The consistency of your ingredients matters the most. When you hand-pound them, you control their consistency. Mortar and pestle give you that power. One who cooks knows how much thick the ingredients have to be to get the perfect curry. Getting the right texture is a tricky task. The cook can easily mash up and grind the mixture by hand-pounding. 

Arra brass fry pan with wooden handle

These two are the prime pillars supporting the authenticity of taste via hand-pounding ingredients.

 Look at some of these products by ellementry that will help you pound and make your dishes in style.

White marble mortar and pestle-small

White marble mortar and pestle

Remain rooted in your culture with this beautiful mortar and pestle made from white marble, which crushes and blends herbs and spices in a blink. The white marble mortar and pestle will be a great addition to your kitchen. Its raw design will take you back to the times when you used to watch your grandmother cook food in the kitchen. White marble’s mortar and pestle essence gives the product a unique veining and colouring.

Arra brass pan with wooden handle


Make yourself the best cup of masala tea in the brass tea pan by ellementry. You will be amazed by its traditional design and convenience to handle. 

Erebus marble mortar and pestle

Erebus marble mortar & pestle

Ellementry can bet that you wouldn’t have seen a mortar and pestle like this one. The brand has taken a modern take on the traditional tool and designed Erebus for luxury Indian households. This stone crusher is a modern take on a regular mortar and pestle and is ideal for crushing black pepper and making your mixed salts and dry masalas. So, elevate your cooking style with this mortar and pestle. It is fun to use and very unique in design. The product is appropriate for those who like everything different.

Manjari masala box

Manjari Masala Box

Where do you keep your powder spices after pounding in mortar and pestle? 

You should keep them somewhere safe to keep them fresh for long. A masaladaani comes in handy in this situation. In any Indian kitchen, it is quite a practical thing to have all your regularly used spices in one masala box. This handcrafted and hand-carved flower shaped wooden spice box with seven compartments will hold a variety of spices and herbs at your arm’s length. 

Chop and Crush board with a pestle

Don’t you feel good when one product serves two purposes? The chop and crush board with a pestle do the same. Chopping and crushing are indispensable and a crucial part of cooking. You can do both on this product. Make use of the half to chop your vegetable in fine and equal pieces. Another half can be used to make the paste of garlic and herbs using a pestle. The chop and crush board with a pestle is a must-have for houses that like to keep themselves updated and trendy.

Get your hands on more beautiful products on ellementry.com. 

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