Home is not just bricks and walls, it is more of a feeling as it reflects your personality and vibe. Decorating home with exquisite ornaments or antiques is what will give your house a unique look. Amongst all this decor, flower decoration can give your house an enchanted look and Ellementry can be your ideal companion in this exciting mission.


While the world is always on the go, flowers give us a minute to pause and embrace the joy of life with colours that brighten our days.

Nowadays, stress is a permanent partner in everyday life. However, science says, flowers boost our well-being, so maybe it is time to give our home a makeover with vibrant and fresh flowers. Decorate your home with flowers along with the various range of products by Ellementry.

Here is how to find the perfect flowers for your home:

Flexibility is a great thing about flowers. From bright to dark colours, from bouquets to single stem and from roses to orchids, flowers bring joy to our homes in many forms. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, they bring peace wherever placed. Therefore, pick a kind of flower that complements your house well.

Most importantly, flowers speak about your personality. Keep a particular spot for these flowers near the entrance or lobby. Or, pick the Ellementry vase, teapot or bowl to place it with something these flowers can blend well with.

Contemporary decor styling

Contemporary decor focuses on two types of styling. One, energetic and vibrant colours, abstract artistry; mainly depicting the 20th century, along with strongly shaped ornaments. Second, having an urban tinge, soothing colours, metallic decor, and subtle use of timber. For people who define contemporary as their form of styling, large flowers are great for home decor. Here are some choices:

  • Tulips – Arrangements of flowers on the dining table, side tables in the room or study desks will add beauty to the room. Pick red, yellow, white, and pink and put them in a vase.
  • Orchids – An all-time favourite for most people, orchids add magic to parties and give the guests a boost of beauty when displayed in the living room.
  • Lilies – White and yellow lilies brighten the kitchen space in more than one way. Placing them in a glass vase with your favourite bulb will make your day even better.

Flower Vase

Flowers are the perfect roommates

It won’t be wrong to say that flowers help in connecting with the universe and yourself in a better way. A side table with a flower pot does not just brighten the room decor but also add the vibe to your conversations with other people. Flowers indeed are a great mood uplifter and Ellementry understands that like no one else. We have various options for products to go with the flower decorations which you must check out.

According to a Harvard study conducted by Nancy Etcoff, “participants who place flowers in their homes in locations where these can be seen daily, experienced a noticeable increase in their positive mood along with building higher compassion for other people”. If you are a human magnet who can sense and catch energies; especially the negative ones in no time, then placing lilies can do wonders for you and the guests.

Also, to complement these flowers, you can pick the Ellementry vase that adds more magic to them. Check out the beautiful candle holders by Ellementry, If you want to place aromatic candles next to your bed. This might be the perfect cherry on the cake for uplifting your mood. Visit www.ellementry.com to explore the wide range of options that will work wonders for you and the flowers you love.

Breathe fresh with flowers

Outdoor brunch table

It is a known fact that flowers produce oxygen. And just a simple flower decoration can purify the air inside your home. Moreover, flowers also have the power to take away the foul smell from our houses. According to a study conducted by Wesleyan University cites, “lavender, when sniffed before going off to bed, helps in resting peacefully and getting up fresh and energized the following morning”. Imagine how mesmerizing will it look if you place your flower vases on a classic wooden table from Ellementry! Beautiful, right? Then, why wait? Go check the website of Ellementry and buy all that you need to turn your home into a paradise.

Flowers help the health

There is a reason why people bring flowers to see sick people – it has a psychological benefit. flowers help in lowering blood pressure, aids with fatigue, and reduces anxiety. A study conducted on patients states, “rooms that had flowers in it helped patients increase positive psychological response, with lower levels of anxiety and pain. Also, their recovery rates were gone high.”

Along with that, you can give your loved ones soothing wall decor to go with the flowers. You can get a numerous range of wall decors at reasonable prices only on Ellementry. Shop today and put a smile on your close ones’ faces.

Flowers boost creativity

Have an exam soon? Preparing for a work project? The cognitive effect on the brain increases when flowers are present in the workspace. Remember, it is not your degree that will help you reach on the top of the success ladder, but, thinking out of the box will surely do. Buy a flower today that adds a smile to your face whenever you see it. Along with the Ellementry decor, give your house the unique touch it needs. You can be more creative by adding some glam to your walls and furniture with the range of products from Ellementry.

Flowers have a direct relationship with your sex appeal

Gone are the days when flowers were exchanged on a first date. Mostly, because people think it is cliche. Imagine what a bunch of roses in a classic vase by Ellementry can do to your mood when placed next to your bed.

The final takeaway

For every corner in your house, there is a flower ready and for every flower decor, Ellementry has its products ready! Ellementry’s beautiful wall decor, mesmerizing candle holders and classic tables can add more sparkle to your life. A flower makeover will help you realize how different your house looks with them. And, products from Ellementry will be the icing on the cake. Not only the decor, but also flowers assist us in lowering our stress levels, boosting chances of a good night’s sleep, and uplifting our moods.

If this blog gave you a new decor vision, then scan your house and see how flowers can brighten up the empty and dark spaces in your home. Let Ellementry help you to make your home decoration dream come true! Happy decorating!

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