Mealtime and parties are often high-energy celebrations for generations and their guests. And an element that intensifies these social celebrations is arousing and colourful delicacies. Colours indeed bring liveliness on the dining table, be it in the form of crockery, spices, food, or condiment set.
Spices have been used to cure health problems since ancient times. Although they add taste to the flavour of the food, they also act as colouring agents and can enhance a place’s beauty. Bright colours in and around our house can be a form of therapy for our minds.
Especially when it comes from different materials through creativity or food, it helps re-energise oneself after a very long and tiring day and make the dining place a fun place.
Thus, to make the dining table more vivid and decorative, one can put the spices like turmeric, chilli powder, pepper, salt in condiment sets to make the setting appear more colourful.

A dining table has minimal decoration potential, but you can decorate it to impress the family members and the guests. Condiment sets constitute a proper place and impact on the dining table. Spices, when put in condiment sets, can add colour to the dining table and attract people. Colourful condiment sets and spices add some bright and textural interest to the food in which it is being used. Before we dig into a plethora of options available in condiment sets, let’s take a look at why we should include spices in our food.

What are the advantages and uses of using spices?

Ever wondered the spice which you are adding to your food to enhance its flavour. What are its health benefits? Is it acting as a disadvantage to your health, or is it a good thing for your health? Various spices have the quality to cure multiple diseases such as cardiological diseases or neurological diseases. It can also cure cancer and ageing. Spices are essential for the preservation of food and its safety.

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Here is the list of different kinds of spices that can act as an addition to the dining table’s colours.

  1. Saffron – Being one of the most expensive spices of the world a tiny bit of it can add a lot of taste and colour. When stored in airtight and odour-free containers away from the sunlight, Saffron will last longer and add colour to the table.
  2. Paprika – It is obtained by grinding sweet red peppers, and it’s colour ranges between deep orange to red depending upon the colour of the chilis used to make it. It has to be stored in cool places and can add fantastic colour to the dining table.
  3. Turmeric – Mostly used with other spices like ginger and cinnamon. Its colour ranges between bright yellow to orange. This colour signifies a warm and happy environment around the table.

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What is a condiment set?

A condiment set is a group of containers with a tray or rack beneath them to balance them. It includes containers for pepper, mustard, and salt and is often used to store oil and vinegar. These things enhance the taste of food or impart a special flavour to the food. There are a variety of condiment containers available in the market.

Availability of Condiment sets in the market-

A large variety of Condiment sets are available in the market coming in different sizes and shapes. India has a huge market where these sets are available. These also occupy a significant portion of the online stores. These products come in different types of quality, making a difference in their longevity and prices.

What are the basic features that affect a condiment container?

  1. Size– Size plays a significant role in determining the condiment quality. The space available on the dining table for keeping the condiment sets is also an essential factor. Different sizes of containers can store diverse quantities of food.
  2. Use – There are two types of condiment containers. The first one is the holders. They only provide storage. It can be physically accessed by the people using it. Secondly, there are dispensers that are used for both storing and serving. These make the work of the people easier.
  3. Material – Regardless of what is put inside the condiment, the condiment material is equally essential. Some material is lightweight and is easily portable, while some others can be cleaned easily. Some are more long-lasting as compared to others.


Spice colours are often pleasantly warm or fiery hot, soothing or satisfying. Though beautiful, spicy shades can overwhelm a home if they aren’t to excess. When choosing a palette of spicy paint colours, select one or two primary shades and add a couple of complementary colours as accents.
If you are looking for these kinds of products, then you find them at They provide a variety of food-safe handcrafted products. It is a premium brand that deals in kitchen and home categories. You can find a variety of condiment sets available with them ranging between different sizes, colours, and materials.

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