Beverages are an essential part of the diet and just like preparing food in the kitchen, it is important to have kitchenware needed to make different types of beverages like tea and coffee. Tea or coffee or even both beverages are usually consumed at least once a day, many times in the morning with breakfast and in the afternoon. These are tasty beverages that provide freshness and even alertness during the day. Tea lovers even use tea boxes and other decorative items to create a beautiful tea corner that can be used to keep different types of tea items needed to make great tea. The following are details about the decor of your tea corners:

Tea Corner

Tea and coffee lovers usually create a nice corner of the dining room or the kitchen. They decorate and design it in such a way that it highlights and celebrates the beverages. These tea corners have different types of boxes and tea making cutlery which are all available on top stores online like Ellementry. Tea boxes can enhance the beauty of your tea corner in the following way:

Tea Wooden Boxes

Tea is available in loose tea packages and also in teabags. Small packs of different types, flavors, and brands of tea can be stored at the tea corner. These tea packs are available in different shapes and sizes and can be stored in large artistic style tea wooden boxes. Tea boxes to buy can be seen online and can be nicely placed as a centerpiece of your tea corner. Check out Ellementry to buy these classy wooden boxes.

These are one of the most essential items for your tea corner decor as without a tea box, where would you put the most required ingredient that is tea itself?

Tins and Canisters Boxes

Tea, coffee, and sugar tins with artistic designs are all available online on stores like Ellementry which offer different items perfect for the tea corner. Canisters are round and cylindrical containers and these containers are made by using stainless steel, glass, and even plastic material. These tins and canisters are perfect items as these kinds of tea boxes can enhance the beauty of your tea corner. They are very beautiful, elegant and charming that gives an old-world charm to the tea corner.

Sugar & Milk Pots

Besides tea boxes to buy, there are also other accessory boxes and pots which can be stored at the tea corner and used while having tea. This includes sugar pots in different styles with cute lids that are available online. Sugar cubes and table sugar can be stored in these sugar pots made of glass, metal or ceramic. Similarly, milk pots with spouts and lids are also a great choice as milk is needed on the tea table as most people like tea with milk and sugar.

Tea & Coffee Pots & Kettles

There are different types of tea boxes to buy online. Tea and coffee pots and kettles are also available online. These pots and kettles are available in shades of white and pastels perfect for the setting of an afternoon tea. Ceramic boxes and jars used to store tea and coffee are very popular online.

Tea Sets & Cutlery

It is a good idea to buy tea sets in different varieties and styles for the tea corner as they can be used to serve tea and also look very posh and smart in your tea corner. Trays, strainers, mugs and spoons and other forms of silverware are all available online. These decorative pieces just like tea boxes can enhance the beauty of your tea corner and help make the tea corner functional and also add to the beauty of the tea corner.

Mason Jars & Bread Boxes

Tea corner also has different styles of boxes to store tea accompaniment foods. Jam jars and boxes with chips and biscuits and other baked goods are perfect for the tea corner. Bread boxes are also placed on tea corners as tea with bread, jam, and other pastries, so storing these ingredients in tea corners is essential.

Decorating the Tea Corner

The tea corner is a special area in the kitchen especially for tea lovers who enthusiastically decorate and design the tea station of the corner. The perfect area for such a tea corner is the kitchen, dining room or pantry area as it works well and is usually near the gas stove area.

The following are some of the ways in which the tea corner can be decorated and items of decoration are usually available online on stores like Ellementry.

Chalk Board & Background Design

The background design is an important aspect of the tea corner and usually, the popular look is contemporary with some rustic and charming old school elements. For example, chalkboard is a perfect background style as it can be decorated differently and can be also used as a kitchen board for reminders. The tea and coffee banner can be placed in a variety of fonts and styles on the background design and it is a good idea to simply dedicate some proper lighting to the tea corner to help it enhance the beauty of your tea corner.

Decorative Tea Corner Items

Besides tea boxes to buy, the tea corner also includes decorative items that make your tea corner look very beautiful. Colorful tiles are used to make all types of decorative designs for your tea corner. Many other items can be used to decorate the tea corner that includes vases, plants and flowers, paintings and artwork on the neighboring wall, lamps, baskets, coasters and even banners. These banners can be rustic wooden signs of tea and coffee on the walls and especially café style banners to make your tea corner look cool and stylish.


The beautiful tea corner is not complete without proper furniture and depending on the space available the furniture is installed in the tea corner. The furniture needed to decorate your tea corner includes shelves for the storage of tea boxes, mugs, tea items and cutlery. These can be open shelves or cabinets in beautiful wooden design and pastel shades. Tea corner needs a proper station or desk which can be used to set up the station. Designer chairs, tables and stools are also used in such a way that they can add to the décor and become functional as people can sit and have tea at the tea corner itself.

Other Decorative Items

Ellementry is a leading website that provides tea boxes, jam jars, bread boxes and other necessary items for your tea corner. Decorative items like tea cozies made with cutwork, shadow work, and embroidery look very attractive and pleasing, enhancing the beauty of the tea corner. Table cloths, table covers, table runners and even mason jar covers can be used as decorative items for the tea corner. Kettle covers and tea boxes covers are also used to decorate this special area by tea lovers.

Tea corners are set up not just by tea lovers but also in offices and in homes where tea is regularly consumed many times a day. Tea corners are filled with different types of beautiful tea boxes as mentioned above. These tea boxes are used to make the area look attractive and also for the purpose of storing essential ingredients needed to make tea. Tea corners are a great idea these days and most of the attractive tea boxes and cutlery can be found online. Tea is a very versatile beverage and an attractive tea corner is a good idea.

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