Patios and balconies could be the second most serene places after bedrooms at your house. Just little displacements and arrangements can restyle your vacated spaces into the most alive and homey corners. Ellementry will help you liven up these spaces with its unique and handcrafted decor items.

With minimum investment, these little outdoors can potentially bring you the greatest comfort. And guess what, you can never run short of a plan for a perfect relaxing weekend. No wonders, it may become your favourite spot for your ideal date night.

While you can re-use a stuffed bean bag, lay your firm mattress and spread your cushions, few strings of fairy lights and indoor plants, mainstream but classic. What a delightful set up for the ‘now trending’ work-from-home can this be! Work and stress shall never be labelled together.

What could be a greater joy for a house, giving you both – a cosy workspace for the day and a classy social space for the evening? On top of everything, it is one corner for everything you love! Befitting your social media reels and stories excellently, these arrays turn out so beautiful to leave you to amaze at all times.

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Watching the calm sunrise, the elusive horizon and the illuminance of stars are in the bag of awe that comes with these dreamy spaces. While adorning every corner with the choicest accessories you find yourself drawn in love with this cute space already.

In an attempt to win over your home capacity while spacing straight in your hearts, Ellementry intends to bring to you diverse ranges of decors and furnishing products to embellish these outer spaces so that your space reflects our imaginativeness of comfort, solace and delight.

Here are some easy to do ideas to make your balconies and patios the best place in your house.

Treat it like your second living room where you can sit and enjoy anytime. Put some armchairs or comfy couches, coffee table, mood lighting candles.

If you are one of those who own a big balcony, you can carve out two separate areas to double its functionality. One can be a bar area, and another can be your outdoor dining and living room that overlook the cityscape

If you are an art lover, you can hang the antique mosaic mirrors on the wall. You can hang a swing bed, and you will have your own space to hang out with your friends.

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For the balconies of confined space, you can fill it with the cosiest items without overcrowding. Hang some plants, place two chairs with a small table. It will be a perfect spot for reading a book.

If you are wondering from where you can buy the best looking products for your dear space, then here are some nature-friendly suggestions from Ellementry.

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Jharoka lantern

There is something mystical about lanterns. The flickering light trying to pass through its walls bring so much positivity and happiness around. This Jharoka is designed using the ecomix technique. It is an art form that one does with fevicol, paper, glue and flour. The zigzag pattern gives it a traditional look. The flickering light peeking through this pattern will take away everyone’s heart.

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Art ceramic planter

If you are thinking to brighten up your space with nature’s greenery, then this planter pot will provide you with an ideal foundation. Plant your favourite flower or fauna. Its elegant shape and design will enrich the ambience. To your ease, this planter comes with a tray. You do not have to worry about mud stains on the floor, as the tray will prevent mud spots and watermarks on the surface.

Furrow peg table

The furrow table will give a whole new modern vibe to your favourite spot. You can use it as a coffee table or a piece of decor. It will be your leisure table and will provide you with all the comfort of storage.

Twine wooden bench

This charming accent of decor will provide an additional place to sit on your balcony. It serves two purposes. Visitors can keep their footwear beneath it and sit comfortably on the top. The interior will lit up automatically in the presence of this handcrafted bench.

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