Just doing perfect decor of the house is not enough. To illuminate that decor you need to have the perfect lighting in a room. Lighting plays a very important role in house decor. Perfect lighting can accentuate the look of a room and ill lighting can devalue even an extravagantly done room. Today in this article we will tell you the tips about how to select the perfect light for your house. You can always check Ellementry to get those attractive lights for your house that will do justice to your room decor in every possible way.                                  

Plan It Out

Before starting the selection of light for your house make a plan for every nook and corner. Think of points like what activities take place in that room, what are the key features of that room that you want to highlight. Give thought to style, scale and colour of lights to be put before rushing to purchase them.

Layer Your Lighting

Use different light sources across different layers to create ambience in a room. For example, you can use accent light to highlight a particular artefact in a room and put a table lamp near a seating so that it can be used for reading purposes. We should always do lighting in a room in a way that most of the room’s size and shape are highlighted. Different lights play different roles. Uplighting makes the room feel larger, low hung pendants creates an illusion of height and clusters of lighting makes big rooms feel cosier.                            

Consider Room’s Orientation

A room’s orientation plays an important role in the selection of lights. A room that doesn’t receive direct sunlight will require more lighting as compared to room receiving direct sunlight. A dark room will not only need a centre ceiling light but also lights to illuminate all corners of the room. Check Ellementry for the latest trends in light decor at minimal prices.

Brighten The Corners

When you have a corner in a room lying vacant, one way to light it up is to keep a big floor lamp there. This will not only brighten it up but will also add to your overall room decor. Always go for the lamp that blends well with your room decor.                      

Choose The Bulb Carefully

Before selecting any bulb for your light decor, you should always keep in mind a few questions like:- How bright you need your space?, What ambience you are trying to achieve?, How efficient is the bulb?. After considering all these points only go ahead with your bulb purchase.

Focus On Favourites

Want to highlight a particular wall decor in your living room? Or want to highlight that beautiful picture of you and your partner in your bedroom? Go for spotlights to highlight your favourite things in a room. A spotlight over a dining table or centre table always draws people in. This light decor will give a focal point in your room that attracts everyone entering the room. You can always get your favourite light for your house at nominal prices at Ellementry.

 Guided Path For Night

How do you feel when at midnight you want to visit the bathroom and suddenly you face temporary blindness by that bright light? To avoid such unwanted situations you should illuminate your hallways, staircase, and bathrooms with directional floor lighting to create warmth and guide.

Create Ambience

Keep the option of adjusting lights in every room. This will be helpful to create a different ambience for different occasions. Suppose you have guests at your place so while chatting and having dinner you can keep the lights bright while at the time of couple dance you can dim the lights for that romantic ambiance. Similarly keeping dimmer and movable shades in the bedroom will always help to create perfect ambience as per the mood.                            

Less Is More 

Overdoing anything lessens its value. It stands for light decor also. Too many colours, styles can create confusion and instead of adding value to your home decor it can degrade it. Be consistent in themes, colour schemes and material throughout the home. Neutral and lighter tones will make space look bigger while darker shades will add to the luxury. Be simple and consistent in overall selection.   

Now let’s tell you what type of lighting will be helpful for a particular room.

Living Room

It is the room where people gather for a long time and various activities like reading, watching TV, conversations with friends and family, playing board games and working on a laptop take place. This room must have layered lighting with ceiling lights for brightening the overall room, accent light to focus on focal points like wall decor or particular artefact and task lighting like a table lamp to aid in activities like reading and working on the laptop.


The kitchen is the place of food preparations and cleanups. It must have both task light and ambient lighting. While working on the counter and sink, you need to have a bright task light that makes everything clearly visible to you. When the kitchen is not in use you need to have subtle ambient lights to accentuate the decor of your kitchen and avoid darkness in there.


The bathroom is a place for personal grooming and so requires planned lighting fixtures. Usually, bathrooms have a central ceiling light that casts a shadow on a person standing in front of the mirror. To avoid this you must have lights on both sides of the mirror. If your bathroom is of small size and you can have either central ceiling light or wall mounted lights on the sides of the mirror then go for wall mounted lights if you don’t want to cause shadows in your bathroom.


Before lighting your outdoor area you should consider points like safety, security, and beauty. While lighting your outdoor consider fixing lights near the house, in midway and far away corner so that it provides nice focal points to your house when someone sees it in the dark. Most people think that keeping outdoors too bright is safe but that’s not true. Remember when we create a too bright area outside we are also creating a too dark area near which is not good for in regards to safety. Instead of that, you should go for medium lights all around. You can also use accent lights to create a focus on decorative plants or other parts of your garden.

Dining Room

The main use of the dining room is to have meals with your family and friends. The focal point of this room is a dining table. Putting a light directly above the dining table provides both ambience and task lighting to the room. You can also put dimmers to create a relaxing atmosphere while entertaining your guests. Many times dining rooms have texture dark walls which will create darkness in the room if not illuminated properly. To avoid that you should keep proper lighting in the room. Select latest chic lights from the large variety available at Ellementry at marginal prices


A bedroom is the place which is used to relax and rejuvenate. In the bedroom primary area of concern for lighting are mirror, closet, and bedside. A bright light is needed on the mirror and closet that helps to grab correct things easily while getting ready. For bedside, fixtures wall mounted lights with adjustable arms is best. Both bedside lights should have different switches and should be easily accessible. Lights in the bedroom should have dimmers to play with ambience as and when required. You can check out perfect lamps for your bedroom on Ellementry.

Home Offices 

This is the place where tasks like reading, writing and working on a computer happens. This room should have ceiling lights as well as a task light. Keeping in mind where what tasks will happen you should fix proper task light there. These can be table lamps or wall-mounted fixtures. Task light should be fixed keeping in mind that there should be no reflections and shadow forming. 

Entries, Hallways, and Stairs

The entry and pathway in a home require subtle ambient light. These can be wall-mounted or ceiling fixtures. This lighting should be selected keeping in mind the height of entry. Ambient lighting in hallways can be a ceiling one or wall-mounted. If the hallway is being used to display some artwork like wall pictures, paintings or showpieces then you can put accent lights to focus these artefacts. Stairs of the house should be properly lit, not too bright and not too dim so that they provide guided safe paths to people especially at night.


Selecting light for your house is not an easy task. It should be done with precision to avoid negative results. To attain the perfect light decor for your house you should always keep in mind the purpose of that lighting and you will never disappoint yourself and your guests. You can always check Ellementry to grab the light you always wanted for your house at a nominal price.

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