What is your idea of enjoying winters?

For more people, it is enjoying a hot cup of coffee in a cosy blanket with a favourite movie on. Having a cosy corner at home is a necessity. It is your little personal space in your abode where you can sit, sip your coffee, and read your book. You feel as if you belong to the spot. There is a certain magic in that corner. If you do not have one, you must have them right away. You can create one by a few simple steps. ellementry will help you make one for yourself. It has some stunning décor products that will brighten up your cosy corner just with its presence. 

Follow these steps to get started:

Select the spot- This is the first step. Choose the spot where you will feel comfortable and not that far from other rooms at home. Somewhere where there is optimum lighting, air, and a window maybe. 

Choose the vibrant colours- A cosy spot makes you forget all the blues and greys in a blink. Colours play a prominent role in this. While it is your choice, adding vibrant colours would be a great option. It will make your space look brighter and livelier, especially in winters when sunlight is hardly out. There are several ways of adding colours to your cosy corner. You can put colourful cushions, or hang funky and vivacious dream catchers. Another way of adding colour is to decorate it with lively artefacts on the shelf or table if there is one. 

Lights – Usually, people hang pendant lights on their ceilings. You can be a little creative with it. R oll your fairy lights and put them in a jar or an old wine bottle. The ambience that it creates is simply magical. 

gun metal pendant lamp- round

Add a rug to your floor – A rug does more than you think. Putting a rug in your cosy corner keeps it warm. A comfortable seating arrangement is a must in a cosy corner. Get it in small size or full size. It depends on the size of the furniture you are planning to include in your cosy corner. 

Décor items – You can either keep it simple or make it look aesthetic. Make use of beautiful décor products that are not too loud but also not too low as well. Bring those that are subtle but make difference in the corner’s look. 

minikin accent set of 2

Now, look at some of the products by ellementry that will give you a corner just like you have in mind:

Twine wooden bench 

Twine wooden bench

This wooden, framed jute bench is a blend of style and substance. Durable jute and natural wood construction ensure its strength. It is perfect for the foot of the bed to sit or to keep throw blankets. You can even place it at the entrance to remove and wear shoes or also place it next to the window to relax and enjoy the outside view.

Famme mango wood table lamp

famme mango wood table lamp

Create the right ambience and set the right mood with this beautifully handcrafted table lamp. Place it anywhere from bedside to the table in the corner of the living area to your study or office table to create a mood lighting.

Duet coffee mug set of 2

coffee mugs
duet mug set of 2

Your corner cannot be cosy without a cup of coffee or tea in winter. You must have a coffee mug complementing your corner’s vibe and look. Nothing can be more satisfying than having a cup of coffee with your dear one on a languid day. This hand-painted coffee mug set of two is also a thoughtful gift for someone you care about.

Citronella natural soy wax filled textured glass jar (1 wick)

Citronella natural soy wax filled textured glass jar

Add a pleasant fragrance to your cosy corner with citronella natural soy wax. Cutwork glass decorative jar makes this an elite addition to your home decor. You may use this candle as a room fragrance. It is also an excellent gift for your candle lover friend or relative, in this festive season.

Make the best cosy corner for you with ellementry. Explore more on ellementry.com.

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