A coffee table is a very important part of our house decor. We always want that a table should be decorated in a way that it attracts the guests towards it and when we sit around it, we also get all the refreshing vibes. But, are you now bored with your old simple coffee table? Do you want to impress your guests with stylish, contemporary table decor ideas?

Here at Ellementry, we will help you to glorify the look of your living room with easy yet stylish budget-friendly coffee table decor ideas.

Trendy Ideas and Step by Step Guide for Coffee Table decor 

Select the appropriate table

Nowadays a huge variety of materials are used to make coffee tables. It can be an elegant glass top or an evergreen wooden piece or a stylish metal one or classy marble table. Choose the one which goes with your rest of the decor and is convenient for you to maintain.

Keep decor items at all levels

When all things are kept at the same level nothing gets noticed. Remember to keep decor items at different heights so everything gets attention. To incorporate this idea you can use a two or three-tiered table. If that’s not available you can make levels on your basic table by keeping a few objects on one above the other. For instance, you can stack a few books and keep an object on it.

Considering colour contrast

The items selected for your coffee table should complement your room decor and colour of the table. Like if you have a dark colour table then select decor items with subtle/light colours. Make sure you put the table in such a corner where there is natural light. It will only make the colours pop out a little better. 

Don’t overdo it

Don’t crowd your table with numerous decor pieces. Remember it should always have space to accommodate the items you are going to serve to your guests. Even if you are decorating the table for yourself, you would want to see minimal elements on the table. 

Use flora in some way 

Who doesn’t like to see nature’s colours and beauty on a table? Try to keep a beautiful small plant-like bonsai or few flowers like roses, carnations or whatever you like on the table to give that calmness to eyes. Using Flowers in overall room decor is a win-win formula to brighten your room.


What do you do when you are waiting at someone’s place? You pick a magazine or a newspaper from the table, Right?  Don’t forget to keep some sort of reading material for your guests on your table so that they are occupied in case you are away. Coffee and reading anyway go hand in hand for many people.

Keep tray / coasters

Everyone wants to see a spotless coffee table. Isn’t it? To make this happen never forget to keep a tray or some stylish coasters on your table for your guests to keep their dishes or teacups. Nowadays a variety of trays are available to go with your table decor. You can check out such chic trays on Ellementry. We have an amazing collection of trays that would enhance the beauty of your coffee table. 

Examine your table 

Your coffee table should look organized from all angles. It should be visible that you have used each and every corner of the table to its best. Accommodating all objects only in one place is never a good idea. It will not do justice with the decor of the table. An equally distributed table always gives a neat look to your table.

Sprinkle some glamour

A little bit of metal or a combination of black and whites gives a glamorous look even to a simple coffee table. Metal has slowly come back in trend in recent years. A simple metallic item on a coffee table can give it a very minimalistic look.

Be artistic

Let the artist inside you come out when it comes to any sort of decor in your house. Make some interesting artistic arrangements while decorating your table rather than keeping things in usual ways. Use different objects and shapes in doing so. You can also recycle your old material or items, paint them in new ways and use them. This is a more sustainable and budget-friendly way to go about things. 


Some people naturally pay attention to symmetry and are very particular about it. It is a good habit to have. While decorating your coffee table always keep in mind the placement of objects. A beautiful artefact placed wrongly will never add beauty to your table decor.


A big canvas allows you to pour out maximum ideas of creativity. Similarly, a big coffee table allows you to use maximum accessories to enhance your decoration. Use different but complementing article for your table beautification. You can use multiple accessories if you have a bigger table. You can also add some old rustic boxes. You can check amazing accessories for a coffee table on Ellemantry which will make it easy for you. 

Keep it sleek

Never ever select a bulky table or bulky items to decorate your table especially in a not-so-big room. A huge table always will overshadow other decor of your room no matter how cool it is. A slim and sleek table will not only accommodate easily in every space but will also give a trendy look to your overall decoration.

Seating arrangement with table 

Try to pair your coffee table with a cute and stylish seating like an antique chair or a smart stool. It can also be easily utilized by a kid accompanying your guests.

Be brave in using colors

Loads of colours can add beauty to any light-coloured coffee table. Be bold in using all bright colours to decorate your simple coffee table. For that, multicoloured flowers and artefacts make a perfect choice.

Utilise the storage 

You can use your coffee table as ultimate storage to stack up things that are otherwise lying in your room here and there.  Smart isn’t it? Well, this is possible only if your coffee table has the racks.

Pick up that bright rug

Rugs always add that perfect look to even a simple decor. You can always select a contrast colour rug to be laid under your coffee table to give it a smart and cosy look. Rugs are available in variety these days. You can use a fur rug or mat styled rug. 

Designer stuff

Sometimes rather than many small artefacts one single designer piece gives that sober as well as statement look to your complete decor. Select an object that completes your coffee table decor without any hassle. This can get a little expensive if you choose one very expensive piece. However, you can also buy something of medium price.

Express your emotions 

Your coffee table can make a perfect place to exhibit pieces you are emotionally attached to. It can be a family photo or an art piece made by your loved ones or simply a gift precious to you.

Pick up those candles and lanterns

Designer lanterns and candles are the perfect ornaments to maximize the beauty of a coffee table and overall room decor. They not only boost the look of a room but also provide perfect lighting on many occasions. If you are planning to make a romantic coffee table or just trying to create warm surroundings, use these items on the table. Items such as Tea-light are available on Ellementry, you must check them out.

More than one 

In a huge size room with multiple seating arrangements, you should always go for more than one coffee table. The decor of the table should be done keeping in mind the use of the space it is in. For instance, in a space used for reading, a coffee table can have books and an elegant lamp on it.

So in 2020 transform your usual boring coffee table to a marvellous piece of art that makes everyone’s eyes turn to it. Let the artist inside you come out, change the look of your coffee table to one of those that you have always dreamt of. You can take the help of Ellementry for buying minimal and beautiful looking table decor items.

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