One of the most basic and the most important tools in the kitchen are not knives; it’s the chopping boards that the knives are used on. A good cutting board ensures you have your veggies and herbs chopped in just the right sizes, an important step in getting the cook right. But there’s more to a cutting board! You can put it to several uses like presenting your delish food and more. Read on to find out.

Round Wood Kitchen Chopping Board

But Where Did Cutting Boards Come From?

Cutting boards most likely evolved from a simple wooden slab used by the earliest humans to chop game and hard roots. They’ve come far enough to be the kitchen essential we can’t do without today. We usually use them as vegetable cutting boards but the first chopping boards were actually meat cutting wood blocks used in China. Brought to Europe sometime in the 14th century, chopping boards quickly became popular, moving to other countries with immigrants.

What made cutting boards popular?

Kept the kitchen clean: The primary reason for cutting boards becoming popular was that they promoted cleanliness in the kitchen. Waxed pine or beechwood cutting boards helped to keep food uncontaminated. Wooden cutting blocks, often used by butchers also did the same job.

Kept work area organized: With the help of a meat cutting board or a vegetable cutting board, there were fewer chances of scraps spreading around the kitchen or the cooking area. You could use a wooden cutting block to do the job all in one place and make less of a mess!

Elevated the kitchen’s aesthetics: A great improvement on the simple wooden slab, chopping boards were easier to use and helped elevate a kitchen’s aesthetics. You will find vintage examples that are painted by hand or intricately carved. Cutting boards were often also used to serve foods like cheeses and fruit and beautifications helped present the food better.

Marble Cutting Board
Chopping boards can be used to present appetizers
Laimai Bean Shaped Cutting Board
Chopping Boards can be used in many different ways

Not just a chopping board!

A permanent fixture in the kitchen, cutting boards can play many roles in the household apart from being used as vegetable cutting boards and meat cutting boards. Here are some ways ellementry chopping boards can play many roles (and be a sustainable choice for your home) :

Round Chopping Board
Enhanced aesthetics for your table

Keeping your cutting boards clean

All ellementry cutting boards are made of either wood or marble, both sustainable materials, both really easy to clean. Wood and marble are high on food safety – neither allows bacteria to multiply. Use simple tap water and a mild detergent to keep your vegetable cutting boards and meat cutting boards clean. Once cleaned, store your cutting boards with our Zigzag Marble Chopping Board Stand. Avoid soaking them in water or using abrasive cleaners and you can enjoy your chopping boards for a long time.

Chopping Board
Fresh tablescapes with chopping boards

Ready To Get Your New Favorite Chopping Board?

A product’s sustainability lies as much in the materials and processes used to make it, as in its multifunctionality. Our cutting boards pass with flying colors, being handmade in recyclable materials and happily playing many roles in your household. Ready to see what we’ve got in store for you? Click here.

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